Quilting Goodies

I've been super busy over the past week. I finished up the bindings on my three quilts for this month's OMG (see yesterday's post).

I got caught up on my Loves Me, Loves Me Not blocks. I neglected to take a picture of all six blocks together, but here are representatives of the first two blocks. There are four Wedding Rings and two Ohio Stars.

I need help--this quilt has quite a few hourglass blocks and those blocks are my nemesis. Mine never turn out right, even with making them oversized and trimming them down. It seems like I always have one corner that is off, which makes joining them into the blocks a complete nightmare. I spend a lot of time selectively seam ripping to make the intersections somewhat align. What tips do you have for making perfect hourglass units?

Another question I have is how old is your oldest UFO? I have several that are from the early 2000s. One needs to be quilted, some need appliqué which I do not enjoy at all, and some were way above my skill level when I started, so they never got finished. 

Last summer I found some BOM kits from one of my UFOs on eBay. I purchased them figuring that I'd have some extra fabric to go towards redoing or finishing this project that I hadn't done very well with. The other day I was surfing eBay and found two more kits for the parts I had already messed up. I was pretty excited because I do have plans to finish this quilt some day and now I have ample fabric--and hopefully ample skills--to finish it. The copyright on the patterns says 2000. 😆
I won a prize in the Villa Rosa blog hop a few weeks ago and my prize arrived this week. So fun!
Our robotics team will be competing in the state tournament on Saturday, so we had to step up our pit display. We made a table runner. I hemmed the fabric and my husband is the vinyl aficionado.
No pictures, but I did finish up the hanging sleeves and labels for the two quilts I entered (still wondering what on earth I was thinking) in the IHQS. I will drop those off Saturday at the assigned time. And hope that I don't have to be too social so that I can rush back home in time to see the livestream of the robotics tournament.

I did plenty of quilting too. Here's this week's batch:
Jess's baby quilt, quilted with Doing Doughnuts

Legene's, quilted with Flirtatious

Amber's, quilted with Freehand Hearts & Loops

Terry's, quilted with Abstract Butterfly
I love the Abstract Butterfly design, but it is kind of a pain to do on a large quilt.
It is difficult to get everything to line up, even using my "tweak" function. 

Cindy's, also quilted with Freehand Hearts & Loops

Something of note this week is that I was able to get the last four shelves from IKEA that we needed for our closet makeover. Just like the last few drawers, I was able to select delivery and then pick them up at the local Fed Ex for a $4 shipping charge. So worth it! Weirdly, the four small shelves came in an absolutely ginormous box that took two employees to carry out. They were so surprised when I pulled four little shelves out of that giant box. It took 10 months to get all the pieces we need for this project. Hopefully it won't take 10 months to get my husband to build it. I'm not holding my breath though. We've been married a long time and I know how he works. 🤪

We also got a new, very much needed, mattress. I've been sleeping pretty well the last few days. 🎉 It's kinda weird though because this mattress is a lot thinner than the previous one, so it's a lot closer to the ground. And it is still off gassing and smells a bit. But I don't hurt when I get up.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. You get so much done!!! Congrats on winning a prize from VRD!!! I have a UFO from about 2003. It just needs quilting. But it's too large for any of our walls in our current home, so it's still a UFO.

  2. Lots of goodness happened in your studio this week!

  3. I have too many UFOS from the 1990's to admit the number. I've been quilting for 35+ yrs. I also have a high number from more recent years. But I just finished a big quilt that was started in 2011. I hope to knock out a few more older ones this year.
    I'm so impressed at how many you are quilting on your longarm. And I love the bright colors in your quilts. Was wondering what sizes they are? darquilts66@gmail.com.

  4. You have been busy! You seem to have a very active life, PLUS quilting! I think my oldest UFO is from the bicentennial, so early 70s. It's in storage and not likely to come up on the list any time soon! The fabrics are all with it, and are all antiques now, and reproductions then from companies that are only a memory. =) In the meantime, I work on 21st century UFOs. LOL