Off Task

Good grief, I have not been able to stay focused lately. I have too many things pulling at my attention. 

Before I get into everything, I want to brag about my daughter for a minute. She's been spending her days off working on drawing seamless patterns. She has them all uploaded to Spoonflower in her Seamless Stardust shop. We discovered that Spoonflower requires you to purchase all of your items, including different color ways, on a product prior to them allowing you to list them. She did the fill-a-yard thing. Here is one of her fabrics, based on our rooster Henry. I cannot draw at all, so I'm in awe here. She will take requests as well. :)

Ok, back to my stuff. I quilted my strawberry quilt. I'd originally made this for my daughter probably seven or eight years ago. She helped pick all the fabrics and then wanted custom quilting on it, so it sat. She is no longer interested in the quilt, so I picked the Van Gogh design and I think it looks cute. I'll work on binding this over the next few months. I am halfway around my #Trending quilt and I don't usually want to sit under a quilt to bind in the summer.

I decided to empty out the drawer that I keep my to-be-quilted tops in so that I could put all my Glide thread in it. My husband said it wouldn't fit, so my daughter was eager to help me prove him wrong. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We were all a little wrong. Most of my thread did fit in the drawer, though I did have some overflow. The nice thing about the "new" drawer is that it fully extends. It is much easier to see (and use) the threads now. The upside down cones are the duplicate, partially used, colors.

I was keeping my thread in an IKEA Alex unit, but I had a serious amount of overflow. {I was gifted a very large amount of thread and prewound bobbins from a very sweet lady last year.} Also, if you are familiar with the Alex cabinets, you know that the drawers don't open all the way, which makes getting to the thread in the back a challenge. I now have my neutral Glide threads in here (fifth down), along with the prewound bobbins and other threads I don't use often (drawers 3, 4, and 6). The top drawer is all the longarm parts and accessories and the second drawer is longarm rulers.

The only issue with all this is that I had to find homes for my unquilted projects. Looking at them, I have three that I am planning to edge-to-edge and seven that I would like to custom quilt. I'm hoping to get to the three over the next few weeks. I am very, very slow on custom quilting--it takes me quite some time to come up with designs that I am satisfied with and usually about a week to complete the stitching on a lap or larger quilt. Anyway, I moved most of the custom ones to the lower drawer, which is where I usually store completed mini quilts. There was plenty of space. Wouldn't it be fun to completely finish all the to-be-quilted pile though?

I've also been trying to learn Pro-Stitcher Designer. I have been watching some classes I purchased and I thought I knew what I was doing. Nope. I have spent so much time trying to figure out a design. The artwork looks good, but when I change it to stitches, all my curves are gone, leaving ugly, jagged lines. I cannot figure out where I've gone wrong and finally had to just set it aside for now and get back to other things.

I've been wondering if I want to do some updating on my business logo, website, and/or colors. I for sure want to make better business cards. I paid someone to design them the first time around and I didn't like how the cards looked when printed. So I have to decide what to do and how to do it. Too. many. decisions. Also sidelined this for a bit.

I have not even begun working on my OMG yet. ๐Ÿ˜’ I need to get a move on because we had a surprise robotics competition pop up that we will be traveling for this month. Maybe it will dispel the ennui (Wordle's Monday word) we seem to be trapped in lately.

I have completed the astronaut Quilts for Kids. This one is quilted with Driftwood. Quilts for Kids projects are good for trying out new designs.

I have also completed all my remaining guild secretary duties with the exception of handing over the binders to the incoming secretary at the board transition meeting in a few weeks. ๐ŸŽ‰

Just a few client quilts to share this week:

First is Deb's bow tie quilt, quilted with Stipple.

Next is Trish's jelly roll race quilt, quilted with Ginger Snap.

Finally, Jae's quilt, quilted with Cakewalk.

Out in the gardens, things continue to be extremely dry. This morning is the first time in probably three weeks that we've had some rain. Most things are holding their own, but there are very few flowers, other than the clematis, catmint, and lamb's ear. Lamb's ear grows like weeds here. You can throw a hunk on the ground and it will start growing and spread everywhere.

After nagging my husband a bit, he got the solar-powered watering system running again (it was on hiatus for a growing season or two) for the vegetable garden. The lettuce has a few leaves that are of harvestable size. The peas, zucchini, and beans are growing well. I think I see the start of flowers on the beans and zucchini. The cucumbers are there, but off to a slow start. Beets seem okay right now. I planted tons of bell pepper seeds, but I have only found three things that I think are peppers. We did find a bunch of one weed with purple undersides that we pick out of both flower and veg. gardens regularly. My son used his "Picture This" app and it came up with nightshade! Eek! I guess tomatoes and peppers are also in the nightshade family, as is horse nettle, which grows all over the place here. Wouldn't that be funny if I pulled out all my pepper starts thinking they were weeds? I should have started them in the Aerogarden.

Speaking of the Aerogarden, I decided that the tomato starts were ready to go outside. The thyme looked close too. The dahlia seeds were pretty much a failure--I'd planted 15 seeds and only three germinated. Of those, only one had any size at all. I made the perhaps rash decision to skip the hardening off. Well, the tomatoes and thyme are doing fine and it looks like only the mid-sized dahlia might survive, though it's quite questionable. 

Look at the growth from one day to the next. It was shocking! 

Our strawberry harvest was a major bust. We had a small handful of ripe berries and the remaining ones disappeared. There just weren't that many this year. 

We have been heavily watering all the Norway spruce to try to keep them going in this drought. They are guaranteed for the first year as long as we water them regularly. We did find a bunch of poison ivy on the ground near them. Usually the poison ivy we find is on the trees, so that is unusual.

Other unusual things--my husband found a 42" snake in one of our trees. I declined go outside to view it. Just the picture on his cell phone made my hair stand on end. Yuck. We've also had several neighbors tell us that they have seen a bobcat roaming the neighborhood. Good thing our chicken coop is pretty secure. And how about this weird picture? This moth(?)  was actually no more than 2" at the widest part, but my picture made it look huge!

Most of the walls are up on the barn now. We've had one fall off the ladder and three tool casualties so far. 

Did you make it all the way down here? Thanks for sticking with me!

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  1. I loved eating the first garden peas. That moth has such a great pattern on it and yes. . .it looks huge!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  2. Love that strawberry quilt! I've always liked strawberry fabrics and strawberry patterns, embroidery designs, etc. The quilting on it is stunning. :)

    The astronaut quilt is pretty. I like the quilting design you used for it. Yes, smaller kids' quilts are great places to try out a new quilting design. I seem to stipple everything. I need to branch out one of these days and learn some new quilting designs.

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I found you through the For The Love of Geese linkup.


    1. Laurie, I am unable to reply directly to you, but thanks for all the kind words! ☺️

  3. You have a lot going on...I feel much the same way. Right now, I think I want to finish a few things and that will make me feel so much better. Hope you find a way through to decide what to do next!

  4. wow! you are very busy! I love the strawberry quilt and the astronaut quilt. Perfect for a future space traveler!

  5. The strawberry quilt is adorable!!! Great quilting choice, too! Fun to see your thread drawer--very colorful!!! Nice quilting on quilts for kids, too! I'm always surprised when your clients want meandering on their quilts! I have yet to have a client ask for meandering.

  6. Your daughters designs are amazing! is she hand drawing or computer drawing? I am so impressed and see some I have to have!!!
    Your strawberry quilt is so cute! I love that summer feel of it - and I am with you - I am so much quikcer on edge to edge - custom takes some time! Hope you have a great week!!