Betty Quilt

Today is the first day back to school for the local kids. Way too early in my opinion! But they didn't ask me. So. Getting to the bus on time this morning...ugh.

I have completed my Betty quilt from the Just Two Charm Packs book by Cheryl Brickey. It was easy to sew and used a good amount of fabric I had on hand, all from Sweetwater's Elementary line from Moda (2014). There's probably enough left over for a mini quilt, but I did use quite a bit, so that's good.

Due to changing my mind mid-stream on the border/sashing fabric, I ended up needing to piece the backing with different fabrics. I opted for easy piecing.

I quilted this one with the Trace pantograph from Longarm League. I like it.

I have finally received the fabrics I ordered to fill in for the Malted Mystery. Cutting instructions will come out tomorrow, so it's just in time. I had to order two yards, which became four due to the issues I was having from the original place I ordered from. And wouldn't you know it, both orders showed up the same day. I did change green prints from one order to the next and went with the one from the newer order from the second place. Everything else, including the backing, will be from my stash. Here are my fabrics, in order A - B, top to bottom, with background on the bottom. The striped fabric will be the binding.

Last week I was talking about the Bootstrap DIY dress form. I did go ahead and order the custom form pattern after watching a ton of YouTube reviews. The best one was by Diane Makes on YouTube. I learned a lot from her video and feel confident in the sewing now. She also explained some alterations she made in another video, so I know what to look for and how to make the adjustments if necessary. 

My husband helped me with the measurements. Good thing, because my self measurements were too large in the waist and hips. I placed my order and had my custom pattern within the hour. I did print it out, but haven't started assembling the pattern yet. I had everything I needed to make the form except for the outer fabric. I bought some clearance upholstery fabric at JoAnn. I can't wait to get started on this! But first, work.

I've been quite busy with quilting and binding this week.

The first one is Pat's, quilted with Ashley's Star Echo. I still need to bind this one. I did finish binding her quilt that I showed last week. 

Next is Paula's, quilted with Flirtatious Leaves. We decided on 60 wt thread on this one to keep the focus on the special fabrics. The leaf panto matches her fabric so well!

Next is one for SCQG. I decided on Flirtatious for this one. I really like the Flirtatious and Flirtatious Leaves patterns. I attached the binding to the front of this one and someone else will hand sew it down.

Finally, Shirley's quilt. She requested Primrose Stipple. 

I'll be finishing binding Pat's quilt today and have two more quilts to quilt and fully bind this week. Meanwhile, that dress form is calling my name. 

Moving outdoors, we have hired a crew to come put the sheeting and underlayment on the barn roof. That is supposed to happen this week. We also have a man lined up to put on the shingles. This necessitated renting a portajohn. The company we ordered from, whom we have ordered from in the past, is very quick to bring it out. They aren't maybe the best at following directions on placement. My husband called to order the unit and then we ran out to get lunch and go to Menards. Got home and found the thing up near the house at the edge of the driveway pad. And yes, it is leaning. It was placed on top of a coil of extension cords. We had requested that it be placed down by the road (blue circle in second photo)

I told my husband that I was going to back into it in its current location. He didn't think that was the case, telling me I had plenty of room to back up and that I could back up into the little turnaround area on the driveway. We had to go to Menards again that evening. Guess what he did? Yep, backed right into it. I told you so!

He used his forklift attachment on his tractor to move the portajohn out to the desired position roadside the next morning.

I haven't had time to visit the garden in a few days, but I did make three loaves of cheddar chive zucchini bread plus some sautéed zucchini for dinner from my one large zucchini. Trish brought me some fresh chives from her garden when she picked up her quilts and I had the perfect amount for the three loaves. Thanks, Trish! 💕

I also made another batch of freezer pickles from my cucumbers and some my neighbor passed along to me. The bugs have been hitting cukes hard this year. I can't remember having any as bad as I've seen this year. The chickens had a large cucumber feast on the buggy ones. I'll spare you the photo of the gross ones. I got 3.5 containers, which I stretched up to four, this time.

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  1. Your Betty quilt is so pretty, love the colors in the fabrics! You've quilted some lovely quilts this month! Our grandsons head back to school next week, I thought that was too early! Have a good week of stitching!

  2. Love the colors of your Betty quilt! You are a busy lady!!

  3. The bugs haven't found my cukes but I'm sure fighting them on the squash, pumpkins and gourds! UGH! Those breads look beautiful and so yummy! Any issues with the 60 wt thread?

  4. Hello Ann-Marie, lovely blog. It seems that you have much going on with school starting, construction, and your hobby. I guess we all do. Ya, I am pretty sure I would have them come back and move the potty as per your instructions especially since it was on top of cords. Some employee needs to learn from that mistake at least!
    Lovely Lovely Charm Pack quilt and quilting!!! I have been watching everyone choose their fabric for the malted mystery quilt. It looks so fun, but I will continue to watch instead of join while I work on some new projects of my own. Yours will be gorgeous and you should have plenty of fab with that double order.

  5. Your Betty quilt is so pretty and I love your fabrics for the mystery quilt. You have been busy between your quilting, baking and canning. The bread looks delicious.

  6. Your Betty quilt is awesome and the bread looks yummy! Lots of fun activities at your place!

  7. The Betty quilt caught my eye because the colors are my school colors. The scrappy spin looks great. I agree that the leaf quilting design is perfect. Confession - I frequently FMQ leaves.

    1. I can't reply directly to you, Gwyned, but I am jealous that you had pretty school colors. Ours were orange and black. Yuck.

  8. Oh the porta john story is funny!!! Glad it was him and not you tho!!!
    Your fabrics for the Malted Mystery are gorgeous - I will be excited to watch that one come together!!! and your charm quilt is lovely too!!!
    but school? Yuck.. really????

  9. I love your Betty finish. That is too funny about the porta poty, lol.