Strawberry Social Quilt

While waiting for my (futile) turn at registering for classes at Quilt Con, I finished binding my Strawberry  Social quilt. At least something good came out of my time. This quilt was originally meant for my daughter, who loves strawberries. She selected all the fabrics, I assembled it fairly quickly, and then it got set aside because she thought I should custom quilt it. It's been so many years that she's no longer interested. I picked an edge-to-edge design, and here we are. 

A few details: the pattern is called Strawberry Social and is by The Pattern Basket. I quilted the Van Gogh design by Anne Bright on it. It measures approximately 53" x 66". 

Now that this one is finished, I can start my tiny little Nessie cross stitch!

I haven't accomplished any personal sewing other than removing the papers from a few of the Grassy Creek border units. 

I did quilt several quilts for others. The first one belongs to Annie, but I can't share it publicly until after Christmas! It's a Chilhowie, quilted with Elkweed.

The next two belong to Deb. She picked Good Vibrations for her Stars & Stripes quilt (pattern by Missouri Star).

And Trace on her little baby quilt.

I've also been working on a custom quilt for Vicki. I'm hoping for a finish on that one later today. I have the center panel and the dark blue inner borders left.

Here's a few of the blocks in closer view. She wanted them to look like snowflakes. Hopefully she sees my vision. 🤪

I blew a fuse and broke a needle in one of the thicker seam intersections. The bottom part of the needle stayed in the quilt and didn't do any damage, thankfully. I've never blown a fuse before (at least on the longarm, LOL), so got to find out where those are located.

In other news, we have a neighborhood pigeon. It has a red band on its leg, which typically indicates that it's being used for racing and has gotten lost or abandoned. My daughter is trying to rescue it since the racing pigeons typically can't survive on their own in the wild. She and the neighbor almost had it yesterday afternoon. They captured it in the evening and next thing I know, my daughter is walking up the driveway with a pigeon in her hands.

They put it in the tote with wire lid that we used when the chickens were chicks and gave it some seeds and water. They then could get a photo of the tag and enlarge it. The tag had a company name and an ID number. She contacted some pigeon federation and found out that the company is a supplier out of Pennsylvania. She will call them when they open this morning and hopefully find out who this bird belongs to. 

The barn shingles got delivered after lunch yesterday. By the time my husband got home from work several hours later, the roofer had come and gone and gotten the back of the roof done. I didn't even know he had been here!

The Rose of Sharon has tons of blossoms. 

There's a bee in this one (and some ants).

We've been finding all sorts of fun rock specimens, including fossils and pyrite, in the crushed limestone gravel by the barn. 

That's about all I have this week. 

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  1. Always so much going on at your house! I can’t believe your daughter actually managed to capture that pigeon. I am imagining her like Snow White now, with all of the creatures of the forest dancing around her magically…. Your strawberry quilt looks adorable, perfect panto choice for that one. And lovely job on the custom snowflake quilt so far!