A Busy Week

Do I ever have anything other than that lately? 😆 This time I was busy with sewing! Unfortunately, I can't share a lot of it yet. 

I have made a small amount of progress on the Buttercup quilt (my OMG for this month). I have three of four blocks completed. Can I get one more plus the setting done before I need to post it on Sunday? If I can keep up the pace I've been going at for the past few days, it shouldn't be a problem. Sorry about the dark picture. I took it last night. It's started getting fully dark by 8:30. The chickens have been returning to their coop by 7:40 every night.

I made a project--minus stitching down the binding--that I can't share yet. It's cute and has a silly story to accompany it.

I made a bunch of new business documents and got them uploaded for printing. I learned all sorts of new skills. It's nice to have a bunch of technical items off my to-do list!

I've done a lot of quilting. This first one belongs to Jessica. She found the top while thrifting. I went with hand-guided loopy meander so that I could avoid the thick seam intersections. 

Next is Linda's IU quilt. She selected Stipple. 

I stitched New Moon Loops on Christi's baby quilt. 
I spent a few days quilting Haley's quilt with Sunrise Skateland. I need to get the binding attached to the front for her today.

This one is mine. I'll share more about it in the future. I quilted it with Mid Mod Orange Peel. I used 60 wt Bottom Line in gray for the quilting.
Robotics is in full force. Meanwhile, my son's friends thought it would be funny to nominate him to the homecoming court so that he'd be forced to attend a game. We won't know if he won until the football game Friday night, I guess. Just in case he has to walk across the field, we had to buy him some dress pants and a nice shirt. Two button-up shirts in one year! Wow! LOL. We know no details about most of this. He found out the end of last week and the voting is open via their Canvas system for one day. We haven't been to a football game here ever. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

We got new homeowners insurance and we had to do an online inspection of our house via app/text. I spent several hours working through all of that yesterday. It was weird. I had to clean out my cabinets and take pictures of all the pipes. I also had to take pictures of the toilet plumbing and the electrical panels amongst other things. That was a strange experience.

While I was walking around my yard taking the videos as prompted, I noticed the "lawn" was really dry and crispy. I don't remember when we last got significant rain. Seems like we've been flood or famine in the rain department this year. 

The critters are acting strange too. This squirrel kept looking in the slider, scratching at the door, and running all over the deck and railings and grill. He stood there looking in for quite some time.

I guess that's all I have for now. I have multiple meetings today and still need to work. I'll see you back here Sunday when the OMG Finish Link Up opens.


  1. Maybe the squirrel was looking for a snack? Our squirrels are going crazy storing acorns and hickory nuts for the winter. I'm glad you found some time to sew for yourself, happy stitching!

  2. Nice quilting, Anne-Marie!!! That New Moon Loops is cute for a baby quilt! Your virtual insurance tour sounds surreal!!! Making you do all the work!

  3. That's a lot of quilts to quilt. I'm doing good to get one finished in a week. Love the buttercup pattern.

  4. Lots of lovely quilting done for yourself and others! You are one busy lady! See you Sunday or Monday ( after a photo session) for OMG September!

  5. Interesting visitors... maybe you should have nuts around ? or!! maybe he knows its nuts at your house haha!! Love those flowers - You can do it!! We will cheer you on!!!