Still Not Done

Remember how I planned to finish my baby quilt top last week? Yeah, didn't happen. I got the sashing in, but still need to put the outer borders on.

I did get four quilts done. The last of Ann's quilts got quilted first. She selected the Let It Snow design. This one was a new experience for me because I had to do "no sew zones" for the pieced star centers so that I didn't risk breaking a needle. I also attached the binding to the front of the quilt before shipping it, and the three from last week, back.

Next up were two for Sonja, both quilted with Driftwood. The quilt pattern she used is Voyage from Suzy Quilts.

And finally, I quilted Amber's memory quilt with hand-guided loopy meander. 

We headed to Michigan Friday evening so that we could attend my uncle's celebration of life/family reunion on Saturday. I met a few distant family members that I hadn't ever encountered before in addition to seeing people I hadn't seen in person in over 10 years. 

My husband fixed my mom's fridge, which stopped letting water and ice come out the door dispensers right after we walked in the door. Two fridge fixes in one week! We also spent a day with my in-laws before heading back home.

First thing yesterday morning I had my eye exam. I need to bump up a bit in my readers strength. 

Henry the rooster continues to get back into the coop at night. My neighbors only collected two eggs while we were gone. I would have expected six. It's interesting that whenever we are gone, the hens lay a lot less eggs and then go back to normal when we return. I guess two skunks were spotted at the end of the driveway the other night when they went to check on the chickens. Yippee. 😒 We also have acquired a woodchuck. 

Hopefully I'll have more sewing time over the next week. I do have a ton of appointments, meetings, and such to deal with, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

Until next week--

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  1. Be careful with the "critters" around the coop. I've lost entire flocks that way---very frustrating! Our "new" (but years old now) coop/run is very long as no major digging happens and I've never noticed any of that fortunately. The only issue we continue to have is with neighboring dogs--and don't get me started on that. WHY people think it's fine to let their dogs roam all the way over to where we live is beyond me but my rooster is lame and I've lost more than a few chickens due to people not controlling their dogs.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot going on... but you could do without the skunks - ugh!!
    Your little quilt is going to be such a happy one - the colors are so bright!