Starfall Quilt

I'm pleased to introduce my very first published pattern, Starfall!

I designed, sewed, quilted, bound, and wrote and had the pattern printed all in one week. It wasn't perhaps my best idea, but I really wanted to have something to hand out at the retreat I attended a few weeks ago and I waited too long to have something like pens printed with my logo. This pattern is in the postcard pattern style, 4" x 6", with the photo on the front and the instructions on the back. It even has an official barcode!

Starfall is available as a PDF download in a larger format (instructions closer to 5" x 7" size) here at a very modest cost.

I made my sample quilt using Kona Black and Kona White to match my website and logo, but it would look fantastic in just about any fabric combination.

I used the Mid Mod Orange Peel design for the quilting. I was very excited to have the perfect piece of black and white fabric in my stash for the backing fabric. It's a print by Gingiber though I can't recall the name of the line.

In other news, I've completed five more blocks of my Log Cabin Stars quilt. This is the last week of the QAL and I have 10/42 blocks made. I'm going to another retreat Friday and Saturday, this time with my small guild, and am planning to make more of the blocks there. Who knows, maybe there will be a glitch in the universe and I'll actually get all the blocks made?! 😂

I also made and attached to the front the binding on the Buttercups quilt. 

I'm in the busy season for quilting. Here's this week's batch of quilts:

Trish's Girl Scout Chandelier quilt. She selected Pretty Paisley and light pink thread and it's so cute and girly!

Next is Trish's Bar Hop quilt. We decided on Riviera for the quilting and she wanted dark navy thread. You know I love blues! It looks very sophisticated.

Barbara's baby quilt, quilted with a new design for me, Mod Moon. This design was a little challenging, but I got there in the end.

I quilted Jess's quilt with Cloud Nine Petite and also did the binding. She's a newer quilter and it's so fun to see her skills improve with each quilt. This one was so square!

I spent a couple days on Annie's quilt. It's a king size and I can't share what the quilt looks like yet (waiting on the pattern release), but I can show you a bit of the quilting. Another new design for me, Cone Flowers. This design was a bit tricky to set up, but once I got it figured out (the offset had to be set at 75%; weird), it quilted beautifully. It just took forever! The gray fabric is on the front and the green is the back. The quilting is hard to see on the back. Sorry. I tried. It's all Alison Glass fabric.

Moving on to nature, I forgot to share this picture last week. Some quilts got delivered while I was gone, so I texted my son to bring in the box when he got home from school. Here's what he sent me, along with the comment that he had to remove it before bringing in the box. Gee, thanks! LOL.

We spent a little time over the weekend weeding the side garden. My husband was cleaning out the vegetable garden and we were really surprised to find out we had a few pepper plants grow and produce peppers! I had planted a few seeds from a generic bell pepper colorful mix. I didn't think any made it beyond tiny seedling stage. We got really tiny green bell peppers, like cherry tomato size, and some banana-pepper like yellow ones. 
The yellow pepper picture didn't turn out so well. Oops.

I started looking at the upper garden as well. I thought I'd start working on removing the lamb's ear, but I couldn't get most of it to come out. Husband to the rescue. He started removing some that was hanging over the sidewalk. There's a lot more to go, but at least now the sidewalk is more open than it was before. Plus we were tired from the other gardens. All our gardens got very out of control this summer.

Meanwhile, Peanut the silkie chicken is feeling broody. She tries to sit on all three girls' eggs and growls and pecks when my daughter reaches in to gather the eggs. Henry the white rooster is nice and healthy now and moves in and out of the coop almost with ease these days. 

Finally, the kids were both on fall break Friday and we ran up to IKEA so that someone could get a stuffed alien toy. We got there shortly after opening and I thought we'd be quick. Nope. We came home hours later with the alien, a stuffed shark, an office chair, and various  other items. I thought this display in the children's section was really cute.
The dog was dressed in a sleep sack. So darling!

Next Wednesday's post will be a combo of regular post and OMG finish link up because I'm lazy and don't want to write two separate things.


  1. Cool postcard quilt pattern, Anne Marie!!! Love the Mid Mod Orange Peel quilting! And the Cone Flowers!

  2. Congrats on your pattern release, Anne-Marie! Mid Mod Orange Peel looks perfect on it, too.

  3. Ohh that pattern looks so nice!!
    what a fun thing to use as a hand out!!