February One Monthly Goal Finish

It's time to share your February progress!

My goal this month was to completely finish the art quilt I made in a class with Cathy Geier in April 2022. I'm pleased to say this intimidating project is complete! I custom quilted it using eight different thread colors, plus one more for the bobbin. I sort of successfully used Fil-Tec's invisible thread (couldn't get it to work with my IQ, but it was fine manually). 

Cathy told us we needed to quilt pretty densely, particularly on the trees. I actually worked up a sweat quilting the trees. 😅

You can see in the photo above that some of my bobbin thread pulled up. I decided I liked the effect because it added another color, the light brown, to the trees. Most of the tree bits are 1/4" - 1/2".

I did break a quilting rule. You should strive to stitch a fairly consistent density over the entire top. I did not, because I didn't want the sun rays to be quilted any closer than what I did. This did result in that area of the quilt bulging slightly. I think this could be corrected by blocking the quilt. The bottom of the quilt ended up a bit smaller than the top of the quilt due to the variation in quilting density too. 

For backing I used a piece of fabric left over from my very first quilt that I finished back in 1996. It isn't the most attractive backing, but this is a quilt that's meant to hang on a wall, so I think it's fine.

I also used a scrap of QD Bamboo batting. I considered using double batting, but I didn't have another piece that was quite big enough that I thought would pair well with it.

This project is also one of my tasks for my PHD this year! Yay!

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  1. Your art quilt is beautiful! You've done a lovely quilting finish. I hope you hang this beauty where you can see it every day.

  2. Gosh that pretty, AnneMarie. Love the softer colors. The yellows and peach and lavender, so pretty!

  3. That is lovely....well done and congrats on another PHD completed. cmberry@lsu.edu

  4. Beautiful finish! I love the colors and the quilting too.

  5. That quilt is gorgeous! Display it proudly.

  6. Wow that's so beautiful and happy. Well done

  7. The landscape wall hanging turned out very nicely. I like the "shadow" quilt on the back. Those trees really show up! And what fun to use a piece from your quilting "heritage" on the back. (Now have you finally used it all up? LOL.)

  8. Wow, a work of art, love the quilting.

  9. Hi Anne-Marie, what a great job you did! It's very normal to quilt more densely in certain sections of art quilts. Unless it's really obvious or the quilt police is around, it's very fine. Blocking it can help. Your piece is terrific. Congrats! If you can, please link up to Free Motion Mavericks :-)