Dream Sewing Space?

I have decided that our next major house project will be finishing my sewing room in the basement (and a bathroom while we're at it).  I'm tired of having everything spread all over the house.  It makes the upstairs look messy no matter what.

I decided that the original space we planned is not going to be large enough, so I switched to the other, larger, but not as bright, space.  It will have a large closet attached, which will store not only my sewing stash, but holiday decorations and other random things as well.  Using the bigger space also gives me space for a design wall.  The smaller room would not have had space since two walls have large windows, one wall would be closet doors, and the remaining wall would have the door.

Losing the two large windows and great natural light is sad, but having enough space to spread out is great.  I'm trying to plan the space ahead of time to aid in light and outlet placement.  The problem I am having is that I can't find much in the way of inspiration on Pinterest.  Nothing looks quite like what I want, but I don't know exactly what I want either.

Some things I know I want:

  • separate ironing surface
  • cutting area
  • design wall
  • book shelf and cabinet with glass doors
  • space for the embroidery machine
  • sewing table of some sort to hold sewing machine and sergers
  • space to maneuver around the longarm
  • a clock
  • a soft chair for visitors or for me to look through books

What I can't decide is what type of sewing table setup I want.  I don't think I want to face the wall.  I'm not sure if I want three separate tables in the room.  I thought about an L-shape or perpendicular to the wall sewing table extension, but I don't want to feel locked in either.  If I have a separate sewing table, we (my husband) will have to build it because I don't like the look of commercially made tables versus the cost of them.  I know I want my machine to fit flush with the table, but I will probably need a lift for it because my bobbin case is underneath and I do occasionally need the free arm.  The bad thing about making a custom table is--what if something happens to my machine and I had to get a new one?  Chances are it would be a different shape.  Oh, the decisions!

Do you have a sewing setup that you love?  What would be in your dream space?  What other things should I consider?

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