Fisher Price My Friend Becky Doll

My niece has been enjoying playing with her mother's My Friend Jenny doll, along with the doll's wardrobe that my great aunt sewed back in the early 80s.  She wanted more modern clothing for the doll, so I made a few mix and match pieces to give her along with a My Friend Becky doll.  I used the t shirt from McCall's Crafts 9167 from 1984  for the striped shirt, the top portion of the Fisher Price Tunic pattern 231 to make the dress, and created the legging pattern.  Surprisingly, the patterns that were marketed and created for the dolls didn't really fit all that well. 

Just for fun, below is a picture of me, my sister, and my neighbor playing with our dolls back in the early 80s.  I am in the center with my My Friend Mandy doll.  My sister is on the bottom right.  She hadn't received her doll yet.  You can see a lot of the outfits I had for Mandy.  One of my goals in the new year is to take photos of Mandy wearing each outfit my aunt sewed for me, along with those purchased from Fisher Price.

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