365 Challenge Week 16

This was an interesting week in the challenge.  We started off making four more 3" blocks.  On the 22nd, we were also instructed to join all those blocks into the first border around the central portion of the quilt.  We then moved on to making 6" blocks.  I'm getting a lot more accurate as we go along, so that is nice.  My pictures below are a bit out of order, but blogger is not cooperating with my photo placement wishes.
April 19, 20, 21, and 22
April 23.  6" block.  Not sure what got onto that upper right.  I think it's just fuzz.
After April 22''s block, we were to assemble the 3" blocks into the first border around the central medallion.  As you can see, I am about half done.  I ended up having four extra blocks, which I was surprised by since I only remember making three extras.  Old age must be setting in!  Ha!
April 24
April 25

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