Updates for the Week

I feel like I didn't accomplish much in the past week or so.  Here's a few things that I did get done:

I finally finished sewing down the last bit of binding on this mini.  Fabric is Canyon by Kate Spain. This is the almost twin of one I sent in February for the birthday swap.  Only the binding and a bit of the quilting is different.  I will also post this on the 2016 Finishes page.

I quilted my cherries quilt and attached the binding.  Now I just need to sew it down.  This quilt is around 70 x 70 and the fabric is Cherries Jubilee by American Jane for Moda circa 2006.  I love the fabric now just as much as I did back then!

I purchased planner month dividers on Etsy, printed them, and laminated them.  I still need to trim them, punch them, insert them into the planner, and actually print out month and week views.  I had been trying out a school year planner this year, which worked great until I needed to schedule things during the summer and my calendar quits in June.  So I decided to get the Martha Stewart disc bound planner so that I can customize and keep adding months as needed.

I also worked on some printables.  I went crazy laminating things yesterday!  I made my travel list on my own (figured out how to use digital scrapbook paper to print things AND make a custom bullet in Word!), but the others are all things I found on Pinterest.  You can check my boards to find the sources for these.  

Finally, I've been working at my local quilt shop one day/week.  While I'm there I can work on my own projects during down times.  My boss rocks!  I decided to take my Aviatrix fabrics and start cutting out the quilt.  I thought I'd be able to cut out the whole thing and start sewing, but as it turned out, I only got the white and one color group cut out.  It's going to take for-ev-er to cut.

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