AQS Paducah Quilt Show

We made a quick trip to the AQS show last weekend.  I totally forgot to bring my camera, so I only got a few phone photos.  Here are some of our favorite quilts from the show:

Dream of Dragons by Pat Delaney of Abington, MA.  My daughter loved this one.
Hardly a Dent in My Stash by Kathleen Erbeck of Green Bay, WI.
I LOVE the name of this quilt.  I'm sure we can all relate!!
Fanfare for the Heroes by Trina Freshour of Lebanon, IL
This was just so striking.
Ring of Stars by Sharon Hansen of McKeesport, PA
Lei Pua Awapuhi by Fumiyo Sano of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan
I LOVE this one!
Plumeria by Mineko Momose of Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
Hawaiian style quilts were big last year and this year too.
Summer Light by Taeko Kozuka of Tokyo, Japan
The quilting on this one was really spectacular.
Wildflowers by Sylvia Gegaregian of Portola Valley, CA
This was really beautiful.  She quilted this on her home machine!
Spirit of Sedona by Mavericks Ladies of Mesa, AZ
Made by six different ladies.  I love how their individual slices all meshed together so well.
Mizumandara by Yoko Ueda
My son loves frogs!
Carpathian Mountain Sunset by Cathy Geier of Waukesha, WI
The color choices in this one are just stunning.
I Believe in Dragons by Eric Drexler of Port Charlotte, FL
Another dragon quilt for my daughter.

It's Not Easy Being Green by Patti Cantu of Columbia, MO
My son's favorite quilt.
I got a kick out of this road sign since Quilt Week is  dominated by females.  The photo is blurry since I took
it through the window while we were driving down the highway.  It says "Husband Rd Paducah".
I got a giggle out of this sign too.  All I could think of was MMMBop!
I kept having this image in my head!  LOL (image borrowed from Hanson's Vevo page).
Of course you have to visit all the vendors while you're at the show.  We bought Leader Grips by Regina's Quilting Studio for the long arm.  I got a few cones of So Fine #50 and some thread nets from the Superior Threads booth.  They were out of several of the colors I wanted.  :(  I bought the 12" Carpenter's Star metal barn quilt from Classic Metal Company, a Steady Betty Bridge, and an LED lightbulb and some mysterious scent absorber (it's white chunks of something and you put it in the sun to refresh it??) for your Featherweight case from the Jean S. Lyle booth.  I got three charm packs and two patterns from Missouri Star and a Bloc Loc ruler from Bloc Loc.  We received three yards of fabric on the house (one each for my kids and husband) and also bought a very generous 1.5 yards of anime fabric from Leo9 Textiles.  They were lovely people with unusual fabrics.

The anime fabrics from Leo9 Textiles.
We also made a stop at Hancock's of Paducah and bought lots of Heather Ross prints, some faux Grumpy Kitty fabric, a pink for my 365 quilt, a replacement blue for the piece I messed up in my Aviatrix kit, and a big chunk of another blue for a future quilt.
Eddycrest was a new vendor this year.  They are young guys out of Canada and make sewing furniture.  The picture is a photo of their postcard.  What I really like about their furniture is that it is all made from plywood, not laminated MDF like some of the other big names.  Their sanding and finish work is just wonderful.  The edges were sooooooo smooth.  Really beautiful.  I was weird and kept petting the edges of the counters.  :P  If you're in the market for nice furniture, check them out. You can see their website in the photo.

I took a bunch of quilt photos at last year's show that I never posted.  Maybe I should revisit those and share?

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