Fig Tree Mystery BOM Months 1 - 11

I'm currently up-to-date on my Fig Tree Quilts Mystery 2016 BOM!  That's pretty exciting!  Here are some photos of the various pieces.

This shows everything all together so far.
I'm guessing at some of the layout since there's still a month to go.
This is a big part of the month 11 assembly.
The rest of the photos show the various pieces that I've assembled and that are still remaining.  Sorry for the overly yellow tint to the photos.  I corrected them as much as I could, but they are still not lovely.  Winter lighting is quite challenging.

In other news, I still have the majority of my holiday sewing left to do.  I cut my thumb with my rotary cutter last night.  In 20 years of quilting, I've never done that before.  I accidentally bumped against the blade with my left hand while moving a piece to cut.  I also have one of the lovely exploding Samsung washing machines.  More about that tomorrow.

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