Year in Review/Goals for Next Year

Looking back at the goals I set for myself this year, it seems I didn't accomplish much.  I had three sewing goals and five household-type goals.  I did okay on the sewing goals--I did finish more quilts, though maybe not as many as I'd like.  I finished 10 regular quilts and 12 minis.  I used up a small amount of stash, but not as much as I added, so net gain in fabric.  I also wanted to be more proactive in business sewing.  Well, I'm not sure how successful that was, but I did go back to being fully independent.  I may not make as much money, but I'm a lot happier and less stressed about it, so I'll consider that a win.

On the household side, the five goals I had were:  fill nail holes, refinish dressing table, manage recipes better, have a yard sale, and reorganize the kitchen.  We made minimal progress on four of the five, so I guess that's something.  The big success was the yard sale.  We did not make a ton of money, but we did sell and/or donate everything we wanted to remove from the house.  That felt really good.

There were other things we got done that weren't on my goal list.  This reinforces my thinking that setting goals is great, but you can't single-mindedly pursue them and forego living.  Roll with the punches (and at times it seemed the punches were many this year).

In 2016 I participated in Fig Tree Quilts' Mystery BOM and the 365 Challenge, where you make a quilt block a day for a year.  These projects were both much more time-consuming that I initially planned for.  I have a bit more to do on each, but I am close to completion on both.  I'm not planning to join any project of this type in 2017.

I just want to finish more works in progress and use more of what I already have.  Realistically, I know more fabric will enter the house, but I so want to reduce what I already have.

We are still working on the basement.  The project grew larger than finishing just a sewing room and it is done as my husband has time around his other responsibilities.  I am still hopeful for completing this project in the coming year, as we are getting close to the drywall point.

I'm super excited to have my own sewing space rather than having it spread all over the main floor.  I know that I also probably won't get quite as much done since I'd be sequestered in my own space rather than with the family.  But it will look so much tidier upstairs!!!  And I think it will help with my goal of using more of what I have, since it will be accessible again.

So 2017 will be my year of finishing half done projects (I hope!).

I finished two quilts this month and those have both been added to the 2016 finishes page.

I hope 2017 is calm, peaceful, and prosperous for you.

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