Samsung Washing Machine Recall

I'm lucky enough to have one of those exploding Samsung washing machines.  They sent me an absolutely ridiculous "repair kit" which is a sticker set you are supposed to place on your washer. They also robocalled and emailed to say I would receive a repair on December 5th and they would call the night before to give me a time--no one ever called or showed up.  >:(  From what I've read on their site, the actual repair consists of inserting stabilizing rods inside the machine.  This repair I am interested in.  I don't know if I will really get this repair or if these stickers are as good as it gets.
My washer has a stainless look panel.  I am supposed to stick this black sticker over it.
Yeah, that will look great.  No one will notice at all.
You will notice that the bedding cycle is now labeled as denim/jeans.  The delicate cycle (where you can't set the temperature above warm) is now the bedding cycle.  Quick wash (which is not delicate) is now delicates.  I'm wondering why the bedding cycle is now denim and jeans--those are at least as heavy as bedding when they're wet.  And why would I want to wash my bedding in no more than warm water and on a cycle that doesn't spin very heavily, thus leaving things quite soggy at the end?  I always wash sheets on hot.
Here is a side-by-side comparison of my "old" wash cycles versus my "new",
according to this handy sticker fix.  
Lovely warnings.
Do my pictures seem a bit blurry?  They are focused in my photo editing program, but when I upload them to Blogger they seem to become fuzzy.  Hmmm.  I wish I were more technologically savvy.

Update 12/14:  Contacted Samsung about the no-show.  Got an emailed service notice for 12/12.  Again no show.  They showed up today and fixed it by taking the top off and the back panel and removing some rubber pieces and replacing them with two metal stabilizing rods.  Took 15-20 minutes.

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