Mostly Gardening

Not much has been happening on the sewing front.  I did finally finish binding the pumpkin quilt. The pattern is available from Cluck, Cluck, Sew.
I sewed and then took apart the bobbin box mini I was working on.  I'm finding it hard to get the pieces lined up properly.  I'm still very slowly removing the row of quilting on the R2-D2 quilt.  It might be removed by next fall!  If I'm lucky.  Definitely not fun.

We bought some pear trees over the weekend.  We also bought a twisted filbert, red twig dogwood, and a mini evergreen.  My daughter helped me clean out our lower flower garden, move a few shrubs around, and get the filbert and dogwood planted.  She found a mouse nest under one of the plants when she removed the dead growth. There was also a mouse nest in the pile of compost we had sitting on the utility trailer for a week. 

As if the mouse nests weren't enough....I needed to hook up the hose at the front of the house to water in the new plants.  I'm not a fan of the area where the faucet is because there's always giant spiders hiding back there.  So I had my husband help me.  We keep the hose in a plastic hose reel box.  I tried to tug on the hose to get it started unspooling. It would not budge.  So he tried.  Still nothing.  He moved the box a bit and really gave the hose a hard tug.  Out shot a rabbit!!!!  There was a rabbit nest inside the hose box!  That was not a pleasant surprise.
Meanwhile, my husband and son planted the two pear trees.  We bought some seven foot tall deer fencing to block off the trees.  Hopefully this will keep the trees safe until they are more established.
The lettuce, cabbage, and broccoli rabe are starting to sprout in the vegetable garden.  I haven't seen any signs of life from the potatoes yet.

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