Back to Sewing

My back is feeling much better.  Yay!  I'm able to drive and sew again.  

Monday I took advantage of the free Craftsy class viewing and watched many hours of instruction. I'm not the best at sitting and watching TV and classes are also like that for me.  So I worked on the fish quilt a little bit.  I finished trimming the blocks I'd already pressed and then ironed all the rest.  There's still so much trimming to be done--I'd say well over 400 of them.  It's quite daunting.
I also sewed and pressed part of these blocks.  There are 28 of them.
And for something a little different, I am participating in Threadbare Creation's seven-day-mystery-sew-along.  I shopped my stash for this one!  At the end I should have a mini top.  Want to participate?  Check here to get started.
And I'm trying to be better about working on something rather than just sitting and playing with the iPad in the evenings.  I've about finished my Super Koala (pattern by Sewing Seeds on Etsy).
I finished the Windermere #2 quilt a few weeks ago and have updated my 2017 finishes page with that.  

My new furniture is being delivered tomorrow.  I hope it looks good!  We sold our old furniture and delivered it to its new owner on Monday, so the living room is looking quite large and somewhat bare at the moment.  Surprisingly, my son was very upset that we sold the old furniture.

FLL is going well.  Our team works wonderfully together so far this season.  It makes everything so much easier and much more pleasant.

I still haven't had a chance to try out the long arm with the new plates on it.  Sigh.  I really need to get on that.  I'm attending MQX in a few weeks and taking some classes.  Anyone going?

Last week we had to get our front porch lifted.  It is cement and had settled over an inch in four years (due to the installer's lack of care).  Anyway, now it's back in place and guaranteed for five years.  I figure that means that at five years, one day, it will start to settle again.  Ha!

In basement news, the insulation is almost totally done.  We finally got a drywaller to return our calls.  We'd called several who didn't respond and it was getting a little disheartening.  Hopefully this one will work out and we can progress.  Can't WAIT to have my own space where everything can be in one central location and the mess will be contained to one room rather than spread all over the main floor.

Finally, it is guild week!  Yay!  Love my guild and meetings.

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