Not Much

Not much has been happening.  I'm kinda in a slump.  I can't decide what to work on and everything feels a bit off.  The quilts I was working on to go with my new furniture look HORRIBLE with it, so that has taken away the will to want to work on them.

I did finish my Threadbare Creations Mystery quilt top.  Kinda funny that it is a snowflake and my fabric has dragonflies on it.  Oh crap.  I just realized I have two pieces sewn wrong.  Well, guess I'll be doing some ripping.  :(

I finished up Super Koala last week and started this little bee hive.  Pattern is by SewingSeed on Etsy.  My fabric is a really pretty light blue linen, but it is not photoing well.

I really need to make myself some shirts.  I bought all this fabric last year and I now I NEED some shirts because a lot of mine are either too big or worn out.  I watched a bunch of fitting classes last week on Craftsy and then watched a bunch on You Tube as well.  I still am unsure on how to fit the pattern I want to use.  It has a bust dart to take into account my  shapely figure.  The bad thing is the dart is much higher than I need it.  I thought I understood how to lower it, but I'm mentally blocked with it.  And I need to buy a French curve and don't feel like going to the store.  Current state of the worktable:

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