Getting Stuff Done!

My guild has officially started the UFO challenge.  We had to turn in a list of UFOs that will count toward the challenge.  I listed 21 tops to be quilted/bound, nine of my in-progress projects, four cross stitch projects, and eight shirts to make.

I'm starting off okay--I got the Kaffe quilt quilted (that sounds funny) this week and binding attached to the front.  Now I just have to sew it down.  And then I will have my first finish of the year and my first entry for the guild prize.
I also have almost one top of my two Bubblegum Kisses minis done.  It just needs borders attached. And it's not so mini either.  Hmm.
We had a guild Sewcial Saturday and I worked on my Aviatrix blocks.  These five need to be taken apart and redone (again) because they don't quite line up.  The sad thing is that I already redid them at least once.  But I know it will drive me crazy if I don't fix them.
The other thing we worked on at Sewcial was some quilt kits for kids whose parents are deploying. One of our members knows someone at Fort Bragg and got the kits for us.  They come with everything that's needed to make it, including batting.  Just don't mess up because there's not any spare.  You cut, sew, quilt, and wrap over the back for binding, put it back in the labeled bag and send it on back.  I'm not sure how one goes about requesting kits, but you can check it out here if you're interested.

I got my Kimberly Einmo class quilt blocks rearranged.  Sorry for the lack of quality on this picture. I took it in the dark because my laundry room light makes everything look so horribly yellow. Since it was completely dark in there, the camera (or me) didn't quite focus.

And because I have craft ADD I am also planning to make this cute mini.  It's one of this past year's row-by-row quilt kits.  I saw an image of it on social media and just HAD to have it.  I ordered it from Modern Domestic in June and waited until the fall mailing date to get it.  Totally worth the wait!  It's so cute!
We finished our puzzle last week!  It took us almost a month.  Definitely got our money's worth. My son wants to get the completely blank, round puzzle that Ravensburger sells.
I haven't mentioned a whole lot about the basement project lately.  We have all the drywall primed.  Most of the drywall issues have been repaired, part by the actual people we paid and the rest they didn't/wouldn't fix was done by my husband.  The ceilings have all been painted.  Some of the doors are installed since my father in law needs the actual measurements to finish making the trim.  All the can lights have their LED fixtures installed, but only the living room area has been wired to have working lights right now.  The rest of the light fixtures have been purchased but not yet installed since I don't want them to get broken.  

We also had an experience with using floor leveler.  It needed to be done and it was messy and parts of the process were smelly too.  The bathroom is now level (I think).  If it is, then my husband will start working on tiling the floor in there. We will still have to level at least part of the sewing room as well.  At the moment we are considering using luxury vinyl plank that has some padding on the back for that room.  The living room and guest room will eventually be carpeted.

My big project for the basement this week is that I need to decide on the layout for the cabinets so that my father in law can get started on those.  I had a plan before, but it's been so long that we can't remember what we meant by parts of the drawing.  I'm freaked out because what if it's all done and then it doesn't function well?  It's a big, permanent decision.   Wish me luck!  And offer suggestions if you have something you love or hate about your sewing room.

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