Too Much Snow, Too Much Cold

We ended up with a five day break due to bad weather.  First freezing rain, then lots of snow.  And it's bitterly cold outside.  I don't get anything done when everyone is home.  Somehow I managed to get everything off my to-do list done last week; probably because I got most of it done prior to Friday. This week is not looking good.

Here's what I've accomplished in the creativity department.

I finished one mini quilt's worth of blocks for Bubblegum Kisses.
I am working on the second group of blocks.
I needed some more design boards.  These are made using Lori Holt's instructions.  I used all batting scraps.  I bought some inexpensive fabric for the bindings.  I measured, sewed, cut....and still ended up about three inches too short.  😞  I really don't know how this could happen.  The other crazy thing about these is the amount of hot glue I went through.  My last stick is in the glue gun and I'm not convinced it's even enough to tack down the binding on the last board.  I used more than 10 sticks on these eight boards.  That's more than a stick a board.  CRAZY!
I'm making a small amount of progress on the cross stitch.
We made a decent amount of progress on the puzzle this week.
Have a happy, productive week.

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