Random School Break Stuff

I hope your new year is off to a great start.  Are you making any resolutions for the year?  Or perhaps selecting a word of the year?  I don't select a word of the year or make resolutions per se, but I usually set some goals for myself.  I usually don't end up accomplishing said goals, which makes me feel bad, even when I accomplish other things I didn't plan for.  So this year I am just going to go with the flow.

I rarely accomplish much during school breaks, especially when my husband takes leave at the same time.  We did get the new drywall in the basement primed.  Then we went back and spot-lighted it to mark all the bad spots.  Depressing.  I tried to tell the drywall guy that it was really horrible and he refused to fix it before a layer of paint was on.  Well, now it's even worse because we had a bunch of seams pop up and a bunch of nail pops too.  This on top of the horrible waves and dents they left everywhere.  So now we can't progress until they come back and fix everything.  (Hopefully they actually return--and soon.  😔)

It's been super cold for a good week now--too cold to spend any time outside.  Some of my windows are iced up.  Then it gets a little warmer or the sun shines on it and the ice melts and floods out the trim. Closely inspecting the windows to make sure I've cleaned up all the water tells me that I really need to spend time doing detail cleaning on them.  No pictures of this because I am too embarrassed.

Santa brought the kids several 1000 piece puzzles.  I think we selected the very hardest one to start.  Manufactured by Ravensburger, it is a panoramic picture of London at night. It is about three feet wide!
This sewing project has been spread out on my cutting table for the better part of a week with nothing happening.
I spent some of my Christmas money on some longarm rulers from The Quilted Pineapple.  They arrived yesterday.  Now I just need a better ruler table for the Juki and some time to play with them.  I also need to finish peeling the paper off of them!

Finally, new year, new planner.  This year I (with a lot of help from my husband) made my own pages.  He set up Excel files for each month.  I decided I wanted a week on one page layout this year and made my own simple ones using a table in Word.  Today I need to cut and punch them to go into my Arc half-size.
I am in love with the new space sets from American Girl!  I will definitely have to add some to my collection.

I will leave you with a recipe recommendation this week.  Last night I made this potato soup and it was soooooo good!  And pretty low-calorie for a cream-type soup.

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