Blog Issues and Baby Steps

First off, I want to address some blogger issues.  Several people have left comments lately that I am not able to respond to at all.  The issue seems to be two-fold.  First, the commenters are no-reply commenters.  This means that I cannot send them an email response.  To fix this, you need to double-check your blogger profile to make sure your email is available.  You also need to make sure you aren't linked to Google+ since that service is being discontinued. I've read that Google reverts settings periodically, so it's something you need to check on a regular basis.  You could also leave your email in your comment if you want a response, especially if you're not using Google.

Secondly, my blog is not allowing me to respond to comments on the actual post comment section either. I am working on some things on my end, including a new page set up and possibly a new address and/or name change, and I'm hoping these upgrades will fix the situation.  If not, please know that I appreciate all comments and try my hardest to respond.  If you aren't getting a response from me, please use the contact form to email me directly.

Anyway, things are moving slowly along here, like usual.  Some things are better, some are the same.  On the plus side, we took the car to be looked at and they couldn't find anything wrong and couldn't replicate the problem. I surely hate when repair people say that! They did replace the battery.  That didn't really seem to do much.  As my husband drove the car to work after picking it up, it immediately started misfiring again.  Luckily it threw a code, so he was able to hook it to the computer and pull the code.  The actual problem was that the spark plugs needed to be replaced.  So $200 for the new battery and "service" and $30 for new spark plugs, and we are back in business.  Like I said before, the car is 10+ years old, so I feel good about the repairs.

I haven't gotten a ton of sewing done, but I did stitch around all four of the Millennium Falcon window grids.  Each one took about half an hour to stitch around.  The next few steps will go pretty quickly, then it will be on to quilting and binding.
I've also been working on a gift, so I do not wish to share that until after it is finished and received.  Hopefully it'll get done in time.  I'm stuck at a step (just cannot make it fit properly) and I'm determined to power through it and complete it this week.  

I do have my handouts for borders finished.  My presentation is Friday night.  The handouts will be available here on the blog next week Wednesday as a free download, so be sure to stop back and check them out.

My free time in the past week has mostly been spent on family, trying to figure out my blog issues, and working a tiny bit on the sewing room.  We are getting closer! The last few days I've moved the majority of my stash into the bigger closet in the room.  The only things left to move are the long arm, books, and most of the stuff I have upstairs, where I've been sewing for the last five years.  In case you're curious, that includes things I'm working on, all machines except the long arm, and my cutting table.  Oh, and my doll stuff, which I've been terrible about working on in the past year.  And more books and magazines.  And lots of batting pieces.
The good news is that everything fit into the closet.  I was worried about that.  Seeing it all in there tells me that I need to do a serious culling of stuff.  Some stuff I haven't touched in five or more years, so I think I can safely get rid of it or give it to someone who will use it.  I also need to be more serious about devoting time to sewing the doll clothes, since those bins are about half of all things I have stashed.  It will be fun to sit there and sort through all the boxes and bins.  I'm sure I'll find all sorts of treasures!  I already found a near-complete doll blanket that I was knitting for a pattern sample.  I'm not sure why I never finished it.

Last night we got the door and doorknob to the big closet on, the rest of the lights installed, and the smoke detector installed.  My husband hooked up the wifi booster thing over the weekend.  I am hoping my husband can wire at least enough of the outlets to move the long arm into the room this weekend.  Speaking of the long arm, the longer leaders I'll need when we add the two-foot extension should be arriving today, and I am making the final long arm payment on Friday!  Woo hoo!
Here you can see the smoke detector, wifi booster, and the decorative light.
Here's the updated to-do list:
  • wire the outlets
  • install one more light
  • install a drop ceiling in the big closet
  • install carpet in the big closet
  • install knobs and pulls on the desk and cabinets
  • clean all the cabinets and install the shelves inside them
  • finish the countertop
  • install shoe moulding along the cabinets
  • install a smoke alarm and wi-fi booster thing
  • put on the doors for both one more closets
  • install doorknobs
  • get some glass cut for one set of cabinet doors
  • finish up the crown molding
  • finish making the top for my cutting table
  • break down, move, and reassemble the long arm
  • move all half my stuff in
I've had flocks of robins gathering in my yard and this morning I saw a group of around 20 turkeys strolling the neighborhood.  Could spring be arriving soon?  I hope so!  Here's to a productive week.

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