Why Ugly Photos Are Important

How do you like my new look?  I've been working hard at trying to make everything look nice and function well. It's still a work in progress, like all aspects of my life!  I think I have everything organized into the pull-down menus.  Most of the sidebar is still the same.  There are some additional, clickable labels there and my social media sites and Etsy shop photos are down at the bottom of the page now.  Feel free to use the contact form to send me feedback.  I think I have the no-reply issue solved on my end.  I use an iMac and I had to go to Safari, Preferences, Privacy and uncheck the "Prevent cross-site tracking" box in order to be able to comment.  Maybe this will help some of you too?  

Anyway, on to this week's topic.

This ugly photo ended up being very valuable to us.  
Why, you might ask?  Well, I tried to plug in a phone in my sewing room so that I didn't have to remember to bring a phone down from the main floor.  Yes, we still use a landline.  That way we always have a phone that works in case of emergencies.  (I keep a really ugly old pushbutton, corded phone in the closet for this purpose.)  But I digress.  Okay, so I plugged in the phone base and the phone did not come on.  I asked my husband if all the outlets were live and he said yes. We figured something was wrong with either the batteries in the phone or the phone itself. Fast forward 24 hours.  He wants to use the outlet for something and discovers multiple outlets aren't working.

The reason could be a broken wire somewhere, a dud outlet, or a missing/hidden outlet. He's running around with his volt meter thing and I am upstairs searching through photos on the computer.  I found the culprit when looking at the ugly picture.  The drywallers forgot to cut out one of the outlets; it was drywalled over. Luckily, since the photo showed the exact location of the missing outlet, it was a quick fix to get everything working.

The house we are in is the fifth we've either built or bought in progress.  I have always taken photos and/or videos of the open walls to mark plumbing and wiring locations.  I've taken photos of where the septic system is before it's buried in.  And we have ended up referring back to these photos and videos many times. I realize that most people aren't building their homes or doing all the work themselves, but even if you're doing a remodel, or having someone do work for you, take those photos when things are opened up.  It only takes a few minutes, and maybe you won't ever need the photos.  But if you do, you'll be so glad you took the time.

We made a bunch of progress on the sewing room over the weekend.  The majority of my stuff is moved into the closets.  (It being neat, tidy, and organized is task for another day.)  The shelves are installed in the cabinets and the knobs and pulls are on.  The wiring is complete. We moved the long arm into the room, though not quite in the fashion I anticipated.

I received the two-foot extension for the frame for Christmas.  I didn't do anything with it because we weren't ready for it yet.  The plan was to install it when we moved the long arm into the room since we were going to need to tear it apart anyway.  Well.....I opened the box Saturday morning and realized that the place we purchased it from had sent the wrong thing.  It was a table extension for a sit down long arm.  I was so disappointed.  Long story short, I sent back the wrong piece and they are sending the correct thing (I hope).  We decided to go ahead and move the long arm anyway.  I thought we'd have to tear the whole thing apart, but all we did was remove the machine from the frame and remove the bars.  We moved the rest of it into the room in one piece.  I was pretty shocked that it worked and that it even fit through the door!  Now it's all set up in its original 10-foot glory until the extension comes.  
Since the long arm is in its nice, clean, beautiful new home, I am now able to provide machine quilting services. You can see my pricing and policies up in the long arm quilting pull down menu.  If you are viewing on a mobile device, you can click the menu button in the lower right corner and then click the open menu button on the slider window, then click the long arm quilting tab.  I would LOVE to quilt for you!

Oh yeah, I also uploaded my borders presentation handout.  It's a free download and it's located in the free stuff menu under free patterns.  

I've done a bit of sewing, but this post is so long already that I will save it until next week.  

Here's the updated sewing room to-do list:
  • wire the outlets
  • install one more light
  • install a drop ceiling in the big closet
  • install carpet in the big closet
  • install knobs and pulls on the desk and cabinets
  • clean all the cabinets and install the shelves inside them
  • finish the countertop
  • install shoe moulding along the cabinets
  • install a smoke alarm and wi-fi booster thing
  • put on the doors for both one more closets
  • install doorknobs
  • get some glass cut for one set of cabinet doors
  • finish up the crown molding
  • finish making the top for my cutting table
  • break down, move, and reassemble the long arm
  • move all half the remainder of my stuff in

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