Lucky Charm Mini

I am still getting over my cold.  I'm at day 10 and I think I've used two whole boxes of tissues so far.  Things have been close to a standstill, progress-wise. I finally finished up my Lucky Charm mini quilt top last night. Lucky Charm is a pattern from Primrose Cottage Quilts.  I bought the kit from their Etsy shop.  Not sure why, but I have such a hard time sewing hourglass blocks.  This one finishes at 30" square, so I will be putting it onto the long arm for sure.
Something I'm wondering about--do you press seams open or to the side?  Why?  I generally press seams to one side unless the pattern really isn't working out well, in which case I will try with open seams.  I feel like it is much easier to match intersections when seams are pressed to one side.  A complaint I have about open seams is that they always seem to split (I always backstitch at beginning and end of seams, but open seams always come undone).  And if I press joining row seams open, they don't stay flat.  It's like they want to close up.  How do get around that and have them stay flat?

So, moving along.  We are getting a little closer on the sewing room.  The second closet door is installed and the cutout for my sewing machine is done.  My current bench is too short for the new counter, so I have a chair on order.  Fingers crossed it looks good.
We'd bought some "official color-matched" caulk for the countertop and it does not match.  It dried pretty yellow, so we are ripping it out and trying something different, I guess.  Can you notice the yellow line around the desk where it meets the wall?  So disappointing.
We still need to enlarge my long arm frame--the correct parts arrived Saturday.  Other than fixing the caulk situation, pretty much all that's left is to clean and figure out how to transport my cutting table down there. I think that's going to involve tearing it completely down into its components.

Here's the updated sewing room to-do list:
  • wire the outlets
  • install one more light
  • install a drop ceiling in the big closet
  • install carpet in the big closet
  • install knobs and pulls on the desk and cabinets
  • clean all the cabinets and install the shelves inside them
  • finish the countertop
  • install shoe moulding along the cabinets
  • install a smoke alarm and wi-fi booster thing
  • put on the doors for both one more closets
  • install pocket door
  • get some glass cut for one set of cabinet doors on order
  • finish up the crown molding
  • finish making the top for my cutting table
  • break down, move, and reassemble the long arm
  • move all half the remainder of my stuff in

My son started taking a beginning tennis class over the weekend.  I played tennis in high school and took a class in college for fun.  It's been a long time since I played, but I'm happy that he is having fun and that he is willing to hit the ball around with me.  It feels good to have my racquet in my hand again.  😊

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