Well, here we are a day before Halloween.  My children both waited until the last minute to decide whether they needed costumes or not.  We are hosting our FLL team and siblings for trick-or-treating, so my son definitely needed a costume.  Their team name this year is Something to do with Waffles.  So they thought it would be fun to wear things associated with waffles.  My son chose butter.  We found a shirt on Amazon that was the right color and I bought some baby flannel that matched to make some pants.  My husband cut out some vinyl letters according to the son's wishes.  We borrowed a Cricut vinyl press and it worked so nicely in comparison to using the iron. It's been dark, gloomy, and rainy so the pictures are not wonderful.

My daughter is dressing up as Mothman, which she tells me is a cryptid.  Whatever that is.  We bought a black hoodie and duct taped some feather antennae to the hood.  She wanted wings and no one has wings left in stock this week, of course.  We ended up cutting out some wings using foam core board.  I then cut out a few pieces of felt to join them and added some elastic straps similar to backpack straps.  However, we weren't really sure how to add the felt pieces to the foam core.  I think the end decision was a combo of Gorilla Glue and duct tape.  Who knows if it will hold?  She's giving it a trial run at a party this afternoon.
Other than that, not much sewing has been accomplished.  Life has gotten in the way.  It's been a steady stream of accompanying the family to appointments, other meetings, and, on top of that, our furnace malfunctioned so we didn't have any heat for four days.  The first two weren't too bad, but the last two were slightly nippy.  

Next week is pretty busy too, but at least most of it is quilt-related.  :)  Two different guild meetings and a class.  I still need to prepare all my class materials--press, cut, pack up.

The week after that will be a flurry of FLL prep leading up to the competition on the 16th.  And then hopefully things will calm down.

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