NASA Quilt Finished!

Yesterday was the last day of my kids' fall break.  We hadn't done anything too exciting over the four-day weekend, other than attend a talk/solo cello concert in a cemetery about bugs that are decomposers.  So we decided to do a quick road trip to Casey, Illinois, home to many of the world's largest items and other big items.

Since I had a lot of car time, I took along the NASA quilt that needed to be bound.  My family patiently waited an extra 10 minutes in the car when we arrived so that I could sew down the last of the binding because I thought it would be fun to get a picture of the finished quilt with something that is the world's largest.

So, without further ado, here is the NASA quilt in the "World's Largest Mailbox."  In case you're wondering, you can actually place stamped mail in the largest mailbox to be mailed.  :)
The NASA quilt measures 55" x 61.25".  It is essentially double-sided since I used panels on the front and the back.  All fabrics are from Riley Blake.  I quilted it using the Sweep pantograph.  This one is for my son, who currently wishes to become an aerospace engineer.  This is #14 on my 2019 Finish-A-Long list.

I got a souvenir while we were in Casey.  I found this crimper/pleater in an antiques store there.  I have always been fascinated with the one that's at a museum near us, and now I have my own.

Finally, if you've been following my smelly and stained antique block saga, they have been soaking in a vinegar and water solution for a week and a half now, mostly because I've been lazy and haven't taken care of them.  They seem to no longer smell, though some still have black spots all over the feed sack backing. I'm going to hang them to drip dry in the tub and go from there.

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  1. I just LOVE that quilts in the wild shot!!! I think I may have jumped up and down a little...inside anyhow. Casey is easily drivable from my house (just cross the border at the Windsor/Detroit tunnel) and head hmm southwest I believe! (Yup googlemaps tells me 540km)

  2. I know someone who would absolutely LOVE to have a quilt just like that!!!

  3. I love the quilt in the mailbox, that was such a clever idea. Old tools are favorite of mine, nice find on the crimper. Thank you for linking up last week, sorry it took so long to get around.