I Need to Be Cloned

Seriously.  I need at least another me to get caught up on all my self-imposed deadlines and things that need to get done around the house.

I've actually been fairly productive, but I have so many things that are part way done or not even started yet.  It makes me a bit anxious.

I finished two quilts for my client Amber.  Both were quilted with freehand loopy meander.  Amber is super prolific and plans in advance.  I am jealous.

Didn't she do a great job?

I went shopping online and bought fabric for two quilts.  Thankfully everything looked good together in real life.  The first set of fabrics is for the Morewood Mystery Quilt by Meadow Mist Designs.  It's not too late to join in.  July was fabric selection and August will be cutting, so there's plenty of time to catch up.  Plus, there are lots of great prizes.  You may even win quiltindone by me.  😉
The second set of fabric is for a secret project.  What might I be making?  Stay tuned.  Also, my picture does not reflect how pretty these fabrics are together.  I took the picture in poor lighting. 😞
I am super pleased that I finally finished my Frolic mystery top. I'm especially pleased because this is my July One Monthly Goal.  I got up and started sewing at the crack of dawn this morning to get the last few borders on there.  I can't wait for my new, upgraded robotics system to show up so that I can get this thing quilted.

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal - July Finish Link-up
I'm also working on two other secret projects right now.  They will make their debuts over the next month.

I've been busy in the kitchen too.  After being careless with my diet and making poor choices for several months, I'm back to my healthier ways.  I'm down two pounds for the week, which leaves eight more to go, or 18 more to my stretch goal.  Anyway, we ate a Lebanese-inspired meal last week that was quite filling and tasty.  I made Mujadarra, which is essentially brown rice and lentils.  Very tasty, very filling, very easy.  We will definitely have it again.  One note--I couldn't find short grain brown rice, so I just used regular brown rice.  One other note--be careful with the onions.  I nearly burned mine.  My onions went bad, so we harvested some from the garden, but there weren't enough, and they ended up being like burnt french fried onions rather than caramelized. We still ate them.

My daughter and I also tried to make from-scratch pita.  We didn't do very well and it took way longer than the recipe said.  The first six did not quite turn out.  They didn't puff up and tasted more like Naan bread.  The last two did turn out.  I don't know what we did differently.  We will probably try again.  The two on the left are the puffed up ones.

I used five cucumbers from the garden to make nine half-pints of sweet relish.
sweet relish cooking on stove

picture of canned sweet relish

What am I going to make with the other gazillion cucumbers?  Well, I am planning to make at least one batch of freezer pickles.  I was able to buy the last few packages of freezer containers at the store the other day, so I have enough containers to do two batches.  I have been eating some of the cucumbers.  I'm the only one who eats them raw in my household.  

I found the last package of half-pint canning jars at the store as well, so I could make another batch of relish.  After that--who knows?  In the spring it was very difficult to find flour and yeast locally.  Now it is difficult to find canning supplies.  Actually, it has been very difficult this year in general to find canning supplies, even online.

Here are my two cucumber plants.  They escaped the garden and are growing all over the outside of the fence.

We were gearing up for my son to start school online next week. We watched the online orientation Monday afternoon.  Tuesday the school board decided to move the start date a week later and everyone in the district will be online for at least the first month of school.  I'm happy that we won't be putting teachers, kids, and families at risk by having some of the kids in school.  I'm happy that the teachers will be able to focus on one set of classes rather than needing to split their attention.  My son is happy he gets another week of summer. 

My daughter will be starting her college experience in an online environment too.  We live in a college town with both a university and a community college.  As far as I know, the university is still planning some in-person classes.  It will be interesting and a bit scary with the big influx of people.

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  1. Anne-Marie, your Frolic top is stunning!!! I was also impressed by how smooth and even your freehand loopy meander is on your client’s quilts. It looks like it could have been stitched by a computer. Speaking of which... Remind me which machine you have and which robotics system you’re getting? I’m tentatively in the market for a new machine (just listed my APQS Millie for sale) and although I won’t be computerizing right away, it’s something I’m thinking of adding eventually. Would love to know what you like most about your long arm and whether you’d recommend it. :-)

  2. I don't like sweet relish, though I have never tried it homemade...and yours looks DELISH! Congrats on your Frolic finish. Fantastic Batik fabric pull.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  4. You may have a lot to left to get done, but it seems that you are moving along. But it never seems fast enough does it? Love your version of Frolic. Mine just needs borders. That should happen this month. Your fabric pull for the Morewood Mystery is so bright and fun. I'm still waffling on my fabric pull. I usually do up until I have to start cutting.

  5. You've accomplished a lot. Your new fabric is so pretty and Frolic turned out great. Your customer quilts, you both did a wonderful job. See, moving right along.