New Cutting Mats

I won a set of ecopeco cutting mats in the Quetzal Blue color way from Elm Street Quilts' May One Monthly Goal.  The mats arrived this week and they are just beautiful.  And they do not have a smell.  I'll update once I use them more.  I have the larger one on my cutting table right now.
I have done very little sewing over the past week.  Here's my total.
The big project that I tackled this week is to finally sort my fabric stash into the bins I bought with my Christmas money (in December).  My hope is that by having the fabrics in smaller containers that I will be able to see and use what I have.

Anyway, I somehow thought that sorting all this would make my fabric closet more tidy. However, I do not have shelving in the closet yet and I don't feel comfortable making huge stacks with the new bins.  So they are now stacked under the long arm until I can get shelving installed.  I also had to order more bins since I didn't have quite enough to finish.  I did find that I had a large tote's worth of scraps. Those will still need to be sorted by color.
I finally tried out my long arm yesterday.  My husband couldn't believe I waited that long before I tried it.  I had to get over my fear of the unknown, I guess. It was really easy to thread and quite easy to set the tension.  So I think I'm ready to attempt an actual quilt now.  Good thing, because I have a pile of them here.
We've replaced two more windows.  That makes six down, seven to go.

We have had one meal of purple green beans from the garden. The lettuce is done now.  The cucumbers, tomato, and green beans are growing like crazy. We harvested our beets. One of them was easily the size of a softball.  
I'm hoping to get much more quilting and sewing done over the next week.  I really haven't accomplished much in the past few weeks. I need to get several client quilts done, order fabric for the Meadow Mist Mystery quilt (the fabric requirements are out now--will you be joining us?), and try to get more of my For the love of geese quilt done.  And maybe get some shelving!

What are you working on?

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  1. Hey, you accomplished a lot by piecing those tiny patches which look great. You are really going to need some shelving. I think you have more than my LQS. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down. You'll get the customer quilts taken care of in no time.

  2. All great tips. If I think of any that I have found important I will let you know.