Shelving Plans

I wanted shelving in my sewing room closet.  After I started folding my stash into my new bins, I really wanted shelving.  I started dropping hints and nagging that I needed shelving.  We are still in the middle of replacing the windows and the basement finishing project is still partially done.  My husband said it would be a while before he could get to the shelving.  I decided to tag along on a trip to Menards and made sure we wandered through the shelving aisles.  Hint, hint.

What happened next?  I mentioned that I had plans to get two more quilts done for clients over the weekend.  My husband decided we were doing the shelving over the weekend.  So I had to unload the closet. I need to make more effort to use more of what I have and get rid of things I'm not going to use.  Maybe having the closet organized will help?  Anyway, the quilting was not going to happen since I couldn't even get near the machine.  The closet is to the right of the long arm.  Can you see her peeking out on the right side of the picture?
We decided to buy prefinished plywood for the shelving.  We got three shelves out of each 4 x 8 sheet.  We applied veneer to the raw edges of the shelving.  We stood outside in the 90 degree-plus weather with like 90 percent humidity cutting the boards and ironing on the veneer--yes, it is an iron-on product!  And then taping the edges of the boards and spraying polyurethane onto the unfinished veneer.  
Here is the closet with the shelving partly installed.  We ran out of brackets and the local store didn't have any more.  Small road trip for my husband.  We had to laugh, because it totally felt like we were assembling an IKEA product with the colors.
While I was waiting for him, I made him three more masks.  While we've been fortunate that he hasn't had to go into work very often, we've reached a point where he has to go in quite a bit over the next week, so more masks were necessary.
Here is the closet with all the shelving completed.  Now to move everything back in.
Monday I put most of the stuff back into the closet.  I sorted about half of the stuff, but I really needed to quilt, so I'm not all the way done yet.  At least the area around the machine is now available again!
I did manage to get one of the quilts completed, but the owner hasn't seen it yet, so I will share that next week.  I am still working on a secret project.  I did sneak in a bit of time to finish off the last few of my central units for my For the love of geese project.
Do you ever feel like you're being watched?  I saw this when I glanced out the sewing room window. We are inundated with rabbits this year.


  1. Oh for a sewing closet that large! And those shelves are perfect, your hubby is very handy & I'm jealous of that too! Have fun organizing your gorgeous closet.

  2. I am so jealous, wow what a great closet. You will be so relaxed and not avoid going in there, I see many new quilts in your future. The rabbits are plentiful around here too. Each year a momma creates a nest in the corner of the house and concrete wing. I think they like the heat that radiates from the concrete. You are getting so close to completing For the love of geese, I see it peaking out above all the totes too.