Lots of Big Quilts

I didn't accomplish quite as much this week as last, but it's still forward progress, I guess.

I have all the string units made for my Grassy Creek quilt. I need to cut four squares for each unit to make stitch and flip corners and do the actual stitching and flipping. I'm looking forward to having that step complete, because then I can put it up on the design wall and start assembling!

Grassy Creek does have an inner border and an outer, also string pieced, border. I'm not sure that I'm going to do that. My gray stash is getting pretty low and I didn't plan any fabric for an inside border. We'll see how I feel about it once I get to that point.

I've made very little progress on binding Frolic. It's now officially 1/4 done and the month is more than half done. I'll really need to kick it into gear to get this one finished.

On the quilting front, I've still been really busy. I quilted four very large quilts and attached binding to the fronts for Ann.

This one is being quilted with Alfalfa.

Leaves in the Wind on this one.
Starlet for the Lone Star Log Cabin.
And Basic Swirl.

I quilted a pretty large quilt for Sonja. This is all sorts of little strings. Isn't this a great way to use scraps and tiny strings? Quilted with a large scale Baptist Fan.

I also quilted a smaller one for Sonja using 60s Mod Butterfly. This is an interesting pattern because you load the quilt sideways in order to get the string of vertical butterflies effect.

Here it is reoriented.

Check out the amazing pattern matching she did for her backing! Have you ever tried this? I haven't.

I met Charlene to pick up a quilt and she gave me homemade Snickerdoodles.  Yum!

My husband harvested a bunch of his coolapenos (jalapeños without the heat, though most of us are wimps and these are still hot to us).  I used three to make a chicken dish and cornbread. No idea what he's expecting me to do with the rest! 

He worked hard and got the basement all painted. Even though this paint is supposed to be very low VOC and such, I seem to be allergic to the smell of it. 😕 Hopefully the fumes will dissipate soon. 

Meanwhile, I had an unwelcome visitor to my sewing room window well which makes me leery of opening the window. Yes, I know this is irrational.  Warning: scary images ahead.

I won't be attending to my little garden anytime soon. Or anytime later. I really don't like snakes! Why did it go into the wall? 😨


  1. Oh my goodness, you crack me up with your "crime scene" photos of where the snake disappeared! And yet I totally agree -- would not open that window EVER AGAIN! You have been busy with lots of beauties on and off your frame -- especially love seeing those autumn themed quilts right now, because I am so over the world feeling like an oven every time I step out of the air conditioning. I'm sure that's why Mister Snake is seeking refuge in the window well stones where it's cool. He is probably watching you quilt and plotting against you... ;-)

  2. Don't open the window! Snakes freak me out too, but I try to remember they also keep the mouse population down...it doesn't help. Thank goodness you have the refuge of your sewing room!

  3. I love that string quilt idea!!! That star quilt is so colorful cute in that layout! I have a client who always matches her backing design, too. I usually don't have enough spare fabric to do that. I'm just scrolling past your last two photos as fast as possible!