Well, Well, Well....

I'm not sure what's gotten into me. I am on a total roll. Remember my list of possible OMGs last week? I've already made a pretty sizable dent in it!

I bound the unicorn quilt. The star and loop pattern is one that came with my IntelliQuilter. This will be a donation to Quilts for Kids.

I started binding my Frolic quilt, which is my official OMG for August. I'm not quite 1/4 done.

For some reason I started working on the Grassy Creek strings. I'm not using the recommended method because I couldn't face tearing all the papers out. I just cut a bunch of little chunks at the correct width and went to town. Probably not the most accurate method, but it's okay. 

I have 32/60 strings made; no corners added yet.

I chased a squirrel with this fabric pull, though I'm not yet sure it will work as I had hoped.

I received my copy of My Quilt Infatuation Kelly's new book. It's a good one! I worked on fabric pulls for a project from the book. I'm excited to give it a whirl.

I'm still quilting up a storm. If you need something quilted, I'm booking September right now. Click the circular Quilting by Anne-Marie logo in the sidebar to go to my business website.

Here's what I've worked on since last week. 

This one is Keetah's. I love the colors on the front. Isn't the backing fun? So unexpected.

Here's a bit from Amber's quilt.

She's so sweet. She brought us a box of designer cookies when she picked up her quilt. 🤤

I worked on a t-shirt quilt from Andrea, including the binding. Diagonal Plaid always looks great on t-shirt quilts.

I finished two of Cindy's quilts. The first one is being quilted with Sierra Blues.

This one is being quilted with Ginger Leaf.

And I quilted Laura's Snail Trail quilt using the Tempest design. It barely shows in this photo though. Do you remember the story behind this quilt? The top was rescued from the Treasure Shop donation bin. The centers of the blocks are all corduroy. It's so fascinating and the colors are really great.

It had such interesting construction.

I played bobbin chicken and won. That is always so satisfying. About three inches of thread was left.

You may notice I only did six this week instead of seven like last week. You know why? I took a day of rest on Friday (trying to be kinder to myself, the unofficial, intangible OMG) and it was glorious. I delivered a quilt, went shopping with my husband, and read for several hours. I will admit that I did a ton of design work for several clients that day, but it was relaxing.

I received my OMG prize from last month, an EPP starter pack from Paper Pieces and Patty at Elm Street Quilts. So generous.

We harvested the first of our tomatoes. I think these are either Pink Lady or Pink Girl? I can't remember other than it had Pink in the name. We made spaghetti sauce for dinner last night. The tomatoes looked a bit questionable, but the sauce was good.
That's basically my week. Hopefully I can keep up this rate of productivity. See you next week.


  1. Wow, busy, busy quilt week!!! That Snail Trail is a beauty!!!

  2. Look at you go, checkin' 'em off the list! Yay!

  3. Alright! its time to start sharing what your eating to have enery like that haha!! THis is an awesome week - I'm thinking you are having a great time!