Masking Up

Another week, another load of quilts. Here they are.

This is Sonja's Triangle Jitters quilt, being quilted with Donut Connection. Her quilts are always fabulous.

Kayle's rainbow jelly roll quilt, being quilted with Daytripper. This came out amazing. I used a new shade of Glide thread, Cashmere. It is a great color for blending. I'll definitely buy a larger cone of this color.
Kayle's Tula Pink round robin quilt. This one was really cool too. I found it fascinating how cohesive the whole thing was considering how many people worked on it. She selected Denise's Dragonflies for the quilting. I like it.
Kayle's Twelfth Night quilt, quilted with Slither. Ironic given last week's adventures. I prefer the snakes to be quilted rather than live! 😏
Kayle's Tula banana quilt, quilted with Going Bananas!
Kayle's Tula Pink Christmas quilt, quilted with Garland. This one is actually reversible. You'll have to watch for the reveal on Instagram. I might get around to posting it before Christmas. Maybe.

I have been killing myself over the past couple of months to have a timely turnaround on quilts as my business has taken off. I've been working seven days a week and neglecting pretty much everything else in my life. I recognize that this pressure is largely self-induced. I reached the breaking point this week and have had to acknowledge that I really need to slow down. So maybe I work five days a week like a normal human, or maybe only four days, and people need to wait a few more days to get their quilt back. It will be okay. I guess. I took Monday off and it was a much-needed respite.

Meanwhile, my son has grown and I needed to make him a few more masks for school. I also needed a replacement for one I lost. And while I was at it, I made my husband a new one because I found a fun fabric. Sadly, it took me two days to get these right. I will attribute that to being stressed out.

Things are still ugly virus-wise around here. The pediatrician's office had a 90+ person phone queue Monday. That did not include people who left a message and waited for a callback. Routine appointments are being cancelled and it is nearly impossible to get an appointment for normal illnesses. There are not enough available testing locations locally, so people have had to drive over an hour to get a test for their child. The children's hospital admitted 16 pediatric COVID cases Monday and there are five in ICU. The local hospital has 14 of 16 ICU beds taken as of yesterday. My husband's base is in the do not travel to this location rating due to rocketing case numbers. Some of the schools in my county are doing well and others, not so much. It's a lot. I am tired. 

I have been trying to find bright spots, and slowing down my brutal, self-imposed work rate and taking time for myself and my family is helping.

Besides sewing the masks, which we all know I do not enjoy, I was able to play in my fabric a bit. That always makes me happy. I think I have the beginnings of something fun here in the mess on my closet floor. Stay tuned.

I cut the remaining white fabric for my Grassy Creek blocks, but had to order a ruler due to how I cut things, so I didn't make any further sewing progress. 

I also took time to cut all my fabric for the Meadow Mist Macaron mystery quilt. Cutting is good; I always have found it to be a great stress reliever. This is such a subdued color palette for me. My solid "cream" fabric ended up looking pretty white. Eh. Oh well.

I think the #Trending QAL I bought a kit for unofficially starts today? The official start is next week. I also have a ton of computer work to do for my business, my volunteer work, and some personal things. 

I am not doing great at this month's OMG. My goal was to bind Frolic. I'm about halfway done. If I get it done by the 31st, I'll need to make an additional post so that I can link up. If not, well, I'm slowing down and taking better care of myself.  I do know already what next month's goal will be. 

My gardens, both flower and vegetable, are not doing the best since I've been neglecting them for two months. The flower beds need to be weeded (except for the window-well area--not going anywhere near where that snake might be hiding!) and deadheaded. The vegetable garden, I couldn't even say. I haven't been out there. We've had very little rain, so most of the stuff has burned out. My pears are all gone save one lonely little one near the top of the tree. Something ate them all!

I'll leave you with a couple random things: 

1. This note the school gave my son made me laugh. I choose you, Pikachu!

2. I earned this Fitbit badge last week. Alas, attaining the Kevin badge seems like a far stretch, particularly when I rarely leave my neighborhood.

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  1. Yes, you need a break! I've thought you quilt a lot of quilts for others. I've cut back and generally just take a few repeat customers. I relate to the mask making--about my least fav thing to do, too, and I've had to make some more. I do like that Daytripper panto. I'll have to check out the cashmere color of Glide.

  2. first time reading your blog (won't be last). i will strongly advise you to push back your quilting for others, 5 days/wk is plenty. people are used to waiting for their quilts. your work is lovely. when i had my business, if i had to give up my weekend time for a client, i charged $100/day. only one person paid me. once you have your reputation established, you will be fine (i think you already are). if you kill yourself with overwork and neglect yourself and family, you will end up unable to work. it won't be fun. i worked a heavy christmas rush and ended up with a frozen shoulder and had to have people pick up undone quilts. i could not move my arm! amazing how many people had fits. take care of yourself first. patti in florida

    1. Hi Patti, I was unable to respond to you directly. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience and I am taking your advice to heart. Thank you.

  3. You have been busy and a lot overwhelmed. Right now people are quilting up a storm because lets face it, there's nothing else we can safely do. Totally understand you wanting to get these quilts out the door, I'd be the same way. Keep in mind though, as you continue to grow you want people to love what you do and appreciate a speedy turnaround, not expect it. Break the habit early before it becomes the norm.
    I love the fabric you were playing with.