Flower Patch SAL Blocks 12 & 13

It's link up day for Denise's Flower Patch SAL. We are getting really close to a finish--only three more blocks to go! Block 12 was another cardinal block. I like the cardinal blocks because they are quick to sew together. I couldn't quite get one of the beaks in this one to line up correctly, tried a few times and decided to live with it. Perhaps this cardinal attacked his reflection in the window too many times. You can't really see it from a distance, so it's all good. I also seamed all my blocks/rows together, so I have a partial top!

Block 13 was the flower block. I thought I had it, took the picture, and was like, nope. 

Did some selective seam ripping, was in a hurry, and completely sliced one of the units with my seam ripper. Of course. So I cut a new piece and moved along. Here is my correct block.

I've finished removing all the old quilting on the pink and green baby quilt. I will give it a press and hope that the holes from the old quilting close up. As long as they do, I will eventually re-quilt this one.

I have my fifth finish of the year, but I can't show you. I decided that showing a portion of the back doesn't give anything away. It's made from stash! Always a win, even if it yields somewhat unusual backings. The green and gray have been in my stash since 2012 or so. I quilted it with Twist Tie.

The quilts are still multiplying like bunnies here. I quilted five more this week.

First is Margaret's little quilt. I went with a quite skewed version of Julie Hirt's Rolling Hills Stack for this to echo the shape in one of the fabrics.

Next is Jodie's sampler made from my BOM program. This is the second quilt I've quilted that was made with my BOM instructions. So gratifying! Jodie went with Hiding Out (look in the center, light colored block to see who's hiding out) and chose black thread and it is awesome! This one needs to be bound by me prior to this weekend. 

Next is another of Pat's, quilted with Peak Blooms and salmon thread. I seamed the back on this one. Pat had bought a kit and whoever assembled the kit apparently failed to notice that the backing was directional, so while there was plenty of backing if I ran the pattern perpendicular to the front, there was not enough if I ran it in the correct orientation. While Pat left it up to me and was okay with it running sideways, I could not leave it like that. I added buffer strips to the top and bottom and worked very carefully to make sure I had enough backing. This one, along with her two others and one more of Annie's from last week and Jodie's above, still need to be machine bound by me this week.

I had almost an inch left at the bottom. Whew! All is well.

Next I quilted Amber's quilt with Ginger Heart. The thread I used blended really well with the fabrics, so it's pretty hard to see the quilting. I love that butterfly/dragonfly fabric at the bottom of my picture.

Finally, I quilted one of Elle's quilts with Bookmarks. This one had a new-to-me rosebud minky backing. I used Glide Buttercup (matches the mustardy yellow Grunge borders of her quilt) on top and Tar Heel blue on the back to match. I love how it came out!

Switching over to the garden, many of the daffodils are blooming now. I had hoped to have pictures, but this one is the only one I took while it was sunny the other day. I love how there's a weed coming up right next to it. Ha ha ha, just keeping it as real as I can over here. 

Over the weekend we started spreading mulch in the lower garden. We got just over half way before we ran out. We'll try to finish this coming weekend; the mulch place still has really short hours until April.

I mentioned to my husband that we needed to clean out the vegetable garden, but I needed to go inside and work after we ran out of mulch. He cleaned out the beds while I was working. He found a surprise patch of chives that he completely harvested. We used them in biscuits. I was surprised any grew since he kept pulling out my sprouting chives, thinking they were grass. I guess when you abandon the garden for months and let nature do its thing, you get chives. I think I can safely sow peas and lettuce now, but I'm glad I didn't yet since we've been having a ton of rain and storms. I can wait a week.

My indoor lettuce is nearing harvest again. I can't believe how much yield we've gotten from this.

What will you be doing this week? I'll be binding five quilts, quilting at least five more if I stay on track, and working toward finishing my OMG. My goal was to make three Flower Patch blocks, which I have, and two #Trending blocks, which I haven't started yet. I'm also getting a much-needed haircut. I'm trying yet another salon and will likely be the only one wearing a mask. Wish me luck! I'm also doing something else slightly out of my current comfort zone, which is going to a sewing day with my small guild this weekend. 

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  1. I'm loving your flower patch blocks. I've been downloading the block and I hope I'll be able to make it later. It's such a beautiful project.

  2. Lol, I have one of those Cadinal's too except I did not try to fix it. I'm getting excited to see the finishes.
    You were blessed with some beautiful quilts to quilt...again! Thank you so much for always linking up. Oh, no flowers here yet.