March OMG Complete

This one was definitely a stretch, but I finished my last block to meet my OMG yesterday. My goal was to make three blocks for the Flower Patch SAL and two blocks for #Trending.

You saw two of my blocks last week in my progress photo for Flower Patch--the cardinal block on the lower left and the lone block on the upper left. 

I also made an extra bird block. Only two more blocks left to make for this one!

For #Trending, I needed to make February and March's blocks. Here is February's.

It got combined with one of the bee blocks from a few months ago.
And the unicorn for March. I messed up so much on this block--sewed things in the wrong direction, cut pieces the wrong size repeatedly, trimmed pieces to the wrong size, etc. But I got it done! And it is a really big block! (Over 25" x 25".) I think there are only two more blocks to go on this project too. Again, part of a past month's bee blocks got sewn into this block.

Other than that, not much has been happening. I bound two quilts and delivered them to their owners on Saturday. 

My small guild had a quilt retreat and I was a day tripper (as usual). It was fun; I hadn't been around other people that much in a couple years. I got about half the rows for a throw quilt made and talked a lot; probably a lot more than I should have. ha ha.

I quilted five more quilts. 

One for Elle, quilted with Starry. The thread is actually light gold, but looks white in my picture.

Sara's memory quilt, quilted with Basic Swirls.

Amber's king size quilt, hand guided loopy meander. Loved all the seashell blocks and pretty batiks in this one.

Legene's, quilted with The Tempest. This one has some math symbols fabrics. You can see a bit of one in the lower left. I do love my math.

And Elle's, quilted with Hopscotch.

I'll be quilting a very large quilt for Elle today, along with binding some of Pat's quilts. And we have a visit to the orthodontist this afternoon, which will interrupt my work day.  My poor child has been in braces over five years. I hope we are done soon. Anyway, here is the quilt while I had it spread out on the floor to measure prior to loading it.

My goals for the next week are to get at least five more quilts quilted 😰 and complete all outstanding bindings. I'll be thinking about what next month's OMG should be. I have quite a few candidates. It will be want vs. need again.

We finished spreading mulch in the large garden over the weekend. I weeded the side garden and my husband spread mulch on that garden too. I still need to clean up the upper garden and maybe add some mulch. I found at least four saplings I'm going to need to cut out (thanks, squirrels). I might remove more of the lamb's ear too.

We haven't planted the vegetable garden yet because our weather has been garbage. It's supposed to be in the upper 70s today and the high tomorrow is in the 40s. I took pictures of some of the daffodils last night. Thankfully they've survived the heavy rains, light snow flurries, and temperature extremes this week.

I harvested my lettuce again. I'm not sure how much will regrow this time. I said that last time I harvested and was shocked to have a meal's worth again. Here's how it looks now. I'm expecting only one or two to have any growth. We'll see.
Guess that's about it. A few things of note: I became a great aunt. I helped my daughter file her first taxes. I have my taxes ready to file, pending final review. We selected the replacement carpet for the basement. Not the color I was hoping for, but hopefully the product will hold up better. See you next week with my goal.


  1. I love that Trending project but it appears to be sold out. I may try and see if the pattern is available. Your projects are amazing.

  2. Your work is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Still no flowers here, perhaps the moles ate the bulbs. Loved seeing yours and the quilts. I am a little being, thank you linking up to Put your foot down.