March OMG & Redeemed Quilt

It's time to pick another monthly goal. So many possibilities and no clear direction I feel moved toward. Spring just makes me  want to be outside. Here are my possibilities.

1. Test quilt--Must be done this month, but cannot show, therefore, poor choice for OMG. I was able to pull everything except background fabric from stash, so that's a win. I'm hoping I have enough spare yardage to piece a back from stash as well.

2. Macaron Mystery--I really had hoped I'd be further along than I am. I'd love to get it assembled and quilted this month.

3. Guild BOM--I've received two to quilt and mine is still in pieces. Sorry for the lame project photos. Everything is piled in my closet and I didn't feel like moving it all around.

4. Finish ripping stitching out of baby quilt--I originally planned to remove only the poorly done border stitching, but then I realized that the embroidered blocks were really scratchy on the back of the quilt. I'm undecided at this point about leaving the ditch stitching or not. I might just remove it all since I don't know what thread this was. That way I can steam out the holes in the fabric before re-quilting.

The back looks really weird and is scratchy and bumpy. Certainly not what I'd want for a baby quilt.

5. Quilt apple quilt--not sure I have time. 

6. Keep up with Flower Patch SAL--three blocks I need to complete for this month, I think.

7. Catch up on #Trending--two blocks to complete.

8. Make a shirt--I've had a pile of fabric to make shirts laying here for several years. What's another few months or years?

9. Grassy Creek off design wall--I'm tired of looking at it, but not really feeling it. 

10. Stop signing up for things! Easier said than done, but a worthy goal.

I've been feeling really overwhelmed by everything lately, so I think I will make it easy on myself this month and commit to finishing all three Flower Patch blocks and catching up on the two #Trending blocks--so a minimum of five blocks to sew. I usually try to choose something that will really push me, but looking at how my schedule is shaping up for the month, this is enough.

                            Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal March Link-up

Bonus points if I can get some of the other stuff done too. I'll certainly be trying.

Since the pattern has now been released, I am able to share a quilt I tested last year. This is called Redeemed by Lindsey at Yellow Umbrella Quilts. I was able to create the quilt top from stash. I only purchased backing and used the trimmings to make the binding. This is the baby quilt size from the pattern. It's pretty generously sized.

For quilting, I used a pattern I found in Pro Stitcher Designer that I edited in IntelliQuilter to include the shapes I wanted. The thread is Glide in Mint, or maybe Magic Mint. I can't remember at this point.

As always, I've been quilting. Here are this week's projects.

Carol's Penguin Party quilt, quilted with Diagonal Plaid.

Amber's Stretched Periwinkle #1, hand guided loopy meander.
Amber's Stretched Periwinkle #2, hand guided loopy meander.
Amber's Stretched Periwinkle #3, hand guided loopy meander.
Margaret's wallhanging, quilted with Baptist Fan.
Carol's Sweet Escape quilt, quilted with Basic Swirls.
In the garden, my lettuce is ready to be harvested again! 

We haven't started greening up outside yet, but the weather's been much more pleasant and the days are lengthening. There is a very tall tulip poplar on the property behind ours and it has blossoms. Most of the trees are budding. My daffodils are about 2" out of the ground right now. The migratory birds are all at the nature preserve now, so I'd love to take a day and go down and see them.  We didn't go the last few years. 

I'll see you all next week.

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  1. Your Macaron mystery is adorbs!!! Your Grassy Creek is looking so good, too! You might be tired of looking at it, but how about just piecing it together and calling it good. Love the panto on the test baby quilt. I feel for you on the ripping baby quilting. Hopefully you can pull the thread from the back and get a lot of stitches out that way.