June OMG Complete

My June OMG was to make 16 Tall Tales blocks. I made 20 regular blocks and 11 larger blocks. Here are all of the blocks I have made, some from 2019 and the bulk from this year.

I made eight of those larger blocks over the past week.

That leaves me two larger blocks and one custom block to fit my original design vision. I think I may expand that one more row and add another custom block and (six?) more regular blocks. I need to do some calculations and make sure that I have enough of the background fabric to do the setting.

My quilting week was a bit odd, more on that below. Here's what I got done (more than planned, so that's a plus).

Carol's Macaron Mystery, quilted with Sugar & Spice.

Amber's baseball quilt, quilted with Play Baseball. This is the panto I said I wouldn't recommend using when I used it on her friend's quilt. She was okay with how it looked and still wanted me to use it on hers. We also decided to go with the bold choice of red thread, which doesn't show much on the front, but stands out on the solid white backing. If you use Intelliquilter and want to give this design a try, turn off dwell and size it a bit larger, so that the baseballs are at least 3". That seems to help.

Haley's sampler quilt, quilted with Rolling Hills in the "echo" format.

Amber's bargello quilt, quilted with Hiding Out.

We made a quick weekend trip to see family. My niece and I made a key lime pie and my sister made an angel food cake. My daughter was having a hard time cutting her piece of cake and I looked in the pan. Look what I found! 😆

My kids and I had fun playing games with my niece and nephews and I hope all the kids made some nice memories. My husband worked really hard to help my parents get a room redone after some necessary repairs. We also managed to squeeze in a quick visit with his parents. It's so hard to arrange everyone's schedules and make it up there anymore. 

The round three carpet that was supposed to be happening this week has been postponed until the end of July due to one of their people having COVID. That kind of threw me off because I'd planned out all sorts of things to work around that. Oh well, we're pretty good at rolling with the punches around here, though I have to admit that I've been in pretty low spirits with all the news coming out the past few weeks--not just one topic, but all of them.

We haven't been great about taking care of the garden this week. It needs more water, but we were gone. I did get a tiny green bean and pea harvest.

Something, likely a chipmunk or squirrel, ate half the blossoms on the zucchinis. Ugh.

The indoor herb garden is...well. Out of control, I guess. Maybe I should have been pinching some of these back?

The flowers are coming along. We need to weed the lower garden and do tree removal on all of the gardens. I thought it was the squirrels planting all the walnuts, but I watched a chipmunk run back and forth in front of the sewing room window all afternoon yesterday, moving walnuts. It's supposed to be hot and rainy all weekend. Not the best weather for weeding. To be honest, most weather in the summer here is not ideal for being outdoors.

Finally, Cheryl at Meadow Mists Designs is starting her Melodic Mystery Quilt Along soon!  This is a free monthly quilt along (her eighth annual).  Instructions are posted to the Meadow Mist Designs blog on the Thursday of each month. There are lots of prizes, including free quilting of your Melodic Mystery by yours truly. There is an active Facebook group to quilt along with and even a sneak peek option for those who would rather the design not be a mystery (that would be me). Visit the Melodic Mystery page for more information about the quilt along, schedule, sponsors & prizes, Facebook group, and un-mystery option.

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  1. Those Tall Tales blocks look like so much fun and your clients' quilts look wonderful, too. So glad you were able to get away for some time with extended family! I haven't had an angel food cake in decades; my grandmother used to make them for us. Too funny about the spoon baked in!

  2. Oh, gosh, your Tall Tales blocks are delightful. I can imagine a child pouring over the blocks, inventing stories to go with each of them. Really wonderful blocks!
    You got a lot of quilting done!
    Those peas--delicious, I'm sure. Fresh peas are almost as good as candy.