Tall Tales Week 3

I'm making great progress on my Tall Tales blocks. I have all 38 small books made. My goal for the month was to make 16 and I have completed 20, plus changed out the text portion of the book on the crab block pictured below. I also made three large blocks and have 10 remaining to get to my target of 16.

I also want to make one tall, narrow block similar to one I saw on Instagram. That will require some thinking.

As you can see, I haven't added any of the surrounding fabric/sashing yet since I need to figure out the correct size for that. Still, I feel like I'm making pretty good progress and it is fun to play with all the novelty prints I've collected.

I've also sewn together the string block I made a few weeks ago. The newly completed block is on the left and the original is on the right. I thought I had matched the background fabric to the previous one I made, but I guess not. In person they are noticeably different. 😕 Oh well. 

I've been busy with quilting, trying to work a little ahead in preparation for next week's carpet, round three.

Jeri's Sunflower quilt, quilted with Simply Sunflowers.

Deb's quilt, quilted with Stipple.

Terry's quilt, quilted with Ruby Twist. I took the picture from the other side of the frame. Gotta keep everyone on their toes. 🤪

Elle's t-shirt quilt, quilted with Diagonal Plaid.

Carol's SCQG BOM (my block instructions! 🥰), quilted with Mallow.

Judy's wallhanging, quilted with Denali.

And Carol's quilt, quilted with Turbo.

I'm so fortunate to have so many quilts with such variety come through my door. 

I spent a little time outdoors over the weekend since the weather was much more pleasant and I found another batch of peas in the garden. The green beans are just starting to produce and the zucchini plants are covered in blossoms. The cucumber plants are hanging in there. 

The flower gardens are blooming again. The day lilies in the side garden are full of flowers...well, one of the two plants is. Something ate most of the buds off the second plant. 😒 The daisy is now chest-high with lots of buds, but they still haven't opened. The smaller daisy has flowers. The coneflowers in the lower garden are looking good. All the milkweed is blooming, but there are very few butterflies and I've seen no caterpillars. The bee balm in the upper garden is blossoming, which makes the hummingbirds very happy. We have lots of happy bees too.

Well, that's about all I have to offer this week. Stop by next week to see how many blocks I've completed for the month.

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  1. Love seeing all the quilts you've been working on, and the quilting designs, Anne-Marie!!!