New Batch of Tall Tales Blocks

I've completed a total of 11 new Tall Tales blocks so far this month. My goal is to make 16, so I'm still on track. 

This batch of blocks will be added to my previously made blocks.

I think I need to make nine more regular books and 13 more large books to have enough for the layout I want to use.

Here is some advice. Do not unroll an entire 25 yard roll of king batting to make sure it's all there! This was awful to get back onto the roll, and it was all there plus a tiny bit extra. I did enjoy all the time I spent with my son as we dealt with this poor idea though.

I've gotten five more quilts completed for others.

One for Sonja, quilted with Diagonal Plaid.

One for Annie, quilted with loopy meander. This is Annie's version of the BOM I ran in my small guild. It's so fun to see what everyone did with their layouts!

Toni's quilt, quilted with Peace.

Elle's, quilted with Beautiful Birds.

And one for Sara, quilted with Twist Tie.

We're experiencing very high temperatures this week. The weekend was okay, so we did a lot of weeding and now we are trying to stay inside as much as possible. We harvested the lettuce (all of it, this is the only harvest we got) and some peas (that was a surprise!) and then gave all the vegetables a good watering yesterday morning. My son and I were going to play a prank on my daughter. We knew the hose in the garden had holes in it, but she didn't. The plan was to have her do the watering while we harvested. She would get sprayed when we turned on the water. Karma had other ideas. When I turned on the water, my son and I got doused and she didn't. 😂 Since it was like 90 degrees already, we dried in about five minutes.

We'd purchased two of the living lettuces and decided to plant the cores since they had a bit of soil and all the roots. They are growing. Hopefully they survive this prolonged heat.

I'm very happy that I have finally gotten some cucumber seeds to sprout! Last year I planted three times and nothing germinated. This year it took two tries, but I have some plants.

And my pears! Here is the lone pear I could find on one of the trees. There were two before. 

And this is just one branch of the Bartlett pears. I hope some survive to adulthood!!! These are the size of cherries right now.

The coneflowers, milkweed, and day lilies are starting to bloom. I have a few daisies that are close too. I planted the daisies last year. The local nursery sells tiny starter perennials for a very reasonable price, so I usually buy those if I can. I don't have great luck with daisies usually, but man, look at this thing! It is almost hip high. There is another, much smaller one on the other side of the closer clematis too. Guess I bought two different varieties?

My indoor herb garden is doing well. One pod is a complete failure, but that's okay. I don't need two types of basil. Honestly, I'm not sure I need one type, but that's what came with the unit.
Stay inside and quilt. : )


  1. Hi,
    Love all your quilts. And your veggies look really good.
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Anne Marie, I love your Tall Tale blocks. I'm supposed to have 10 done by the end of the month... I'm still trying to figure out my background colours. Oh well, a couple of weeks left! Enjoy your veggies and staying indoors to quilt through the heat!