October OMG Finished!

This one ended up going together much faster than I expected! That's always a nice thing. I have backing fabric and a quilting design picked out. I'm going to be so busy quilting my own quilts in December after I finish my bookings for the year. 

Getting a decent photo was a challenge. It was super windy Monday (I finished this on Sunday) and it rained all day yesterday. We got a lot of blooper pictures. LOL.

If you stopped by last week, you might have seen that I mentioned we'd have no power Friday due to line maintenance. I was already scheduled to go sew with my friends at a retreat on Saturday and they were kind enough to let me have a bonus sewing day on Friday. I felt super guilty for not working when I have an abundance but it was so nice to just sit and sew. 

I finished this mini top; it's around 14". I'm hoping to quilt it and put it in our sale in a few weeks. I found this a bit frustrating because it had pressing instructions that I followed, but those instructions did not make the seams nest, which resulted in a lumpy finish. I will adjust for the second one (kit had enough to cut out two).

I started working on a holiday table runner made entirely from stash. I finished the two star blocks at the retreat.

I liked this block so much that I unsewed and resewed it like three times. 😒 This is also destined for the sale if I can get it done in time. You'll notice there is still an error in this photo.

One not so great thing is that I was going out for a walk/hike around the retreat lodge with a few of the ladies and I slipped and fell on some large, loose limestone gravel (more like #2 size, I wouldn't really call it driveway size) on a steep decline. I thought I was okay and continued the walk, did the usual evening walk both days of the weekend, and realized that I was in a lot of pain and had a lot of bruising and swelling Monday. I messaged the doctor and they sent me over to the orthopedic walk-in clinic that I didn't even know existed. I had x-rays and was evaluated to see if I might have a damaged meniscus. Nothing is broken, I don't have any signs of arthritis in my knees--that was what they kept trying to tell me I had--, and the meniscus is inconclusive. So I have to take it easy, ice three times a day, no squatting, bending, walking on uneven surfaces, or running. Ha! like running was ever going to happen. If you ever see me running, something is very wrong. I HATE running with a passion.

So, quilting is going slowly because I have to keep stopping to elevate my leg. And I got another notice from Duke yesterday morning that our power will be out all day Thursday for further maintenance. 😩 NO! I don't have time for this. We are getting our updated booster shots Friday afternoon, so I'm expecting Saturday and maybe Sunday to be a wash as well. Ugh. I'm going to be working days, nights, and weekends for a while. I'll get there, though. And it's a good lesson that I need to be less ambitious with my scheduling, because things go haywire with the least little interruptions to my schedule.

I did manage to get four quilts completed over the past week, along with binding all three kings from last week. 

This one is Deb's, quilted with Ginger Leaf.

Another of Deb's, quilted with Loops and Swirls.

Margaret's, quilted with Augusta.

And one for Christi, quilted with Pyrex Stems.

I have another one loaded and ready to go this morning. 

Moving over to the home and garden thing, the chickens are at least teenagers now, in my estimation. They eat a ton.

My daughter had a field trip this weekend for one of her classes and got to help band birds. She said titmice are mean. This one looks so cute though. She already applied what she learned when she had to handle some new birds at work.

Lettuce is great and ready for another harvest, herbs are coming along, everything else is dead or dying in the outdoor gardens.

Before the rain started yesterday we had some amazing rainbows around town--I saw multiple pictures on social media, some with two or three rainbows. I went outside in my pajamas to get this shot.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back next week to see what I choose for my November OMG.


  1. It's so annoying to have power shut off! I hope your knee improves with babying it. Happy stitching!

  2. Your blue and white quilt is gorgeous, and I love the photo of it in the breeze! Don't you wonder why the pattern even gave ironing instructions if the seams weren't going to nest? Hmm. That rainbow shot is stunning. It was definitely worth going outside in your pajamas. That is totally frameable!