October OMG

I've been working from the same list of works in progress for the last few months. Here's what remains.

1. Make a backing for Tall Tales quilt. I'm planning to use my existing fabric and piece a backing. Possibly quilt and bind. --no progress

2. Bind Flower Patch SAL.--currently working on hand stitching it down; it's about 25% complete 

3. Assemble the top for my guild BOM.--done, need to seam backing , waiting on thread to arrive and free time on the long arm

4. Finish piecing Chalk.--a few rows assembled

5. Grassy Creek border.--no progress

6. Add border and quilt the art quilt.--no progress 

7. Finish last two blocks from #Trending quilt.--complete, backing prepared, waiting on free time for quilting

I think the thing that seems doable with a bit of effort is to finish piecing the Chalk top.

You know that means I have to stop dragging my feet on that blasted Grassy Creek border and finish that in November. I need to skip this year's quilt, other than maybe downloading the clues. I still have Unity and Rhododendron Trail in progress.

The only thing I've sewn this week are some pieced key chains to donate to the guild sale in November. I've been dragging my feet because I didn't fully read the instructions prior to beginning (story of my life) and found the construction method needlessly complex. I finally got over it and finished and have a small offering toward our fundraising efforts.

As always, I have been working on quilts for people. Here are last week's batch.

I finished up Jeri's quilt, quilted with Capri Feathers 2.

Quilted Marilyn's quilt with Outside In.

Quilted Legene's quilt with Ginger Leaf. 

Quilted Sara's quilt with Winterfest.

My new AeroGarden arrived Monday.  I'm trying to decide whether I want to plant the herbs that came with it or start more of my own seeds. If we do the herbs again, I will need to be better about keeping them trimmed so they don't get so out of control like the last batch did.

My lettuce in the original unit is doing well. It's just over two weeks now.

The chickens have sort of been trying new foods. They love watermelon, strawberry tops, and egg shells (so weird and cannibalistic!). They like tarragon. They seem to prefer dried up spearmint over fresh--not dried, but literally dried up from being picked and left there. They do not like carrot peels or broccoli tops. They will eat the broccoli stems if peeled and finely diced. They eat feathers. (Also weird.) They like baby crab grass but not big, thick crab grass. They like chasing bugs around the pen. 

After much debate, I think we have settled on names for them. The rooster is Smoky Pecker. My son and I call him Mr. Pecker. The black hen is Agatha Pepper. The white hen is Henrietta Salt (to become Henry if she is a he). The smaller brown hen is Peanut and the larger one is Beaker. I tried to get a picture of them last night, but they had gone up the ramp early. Enjoy these blooper photos.

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  1. Sometimes it's just hard to get all the projects worked on. I would be careful about letting your chickens eat egg shells, you don't want them eating the eggs whenever they start laying. Happy stitching!

  2. This is a lot of projects to keep track of. I just discovered Bonnie's mystery quilt last year and I'm looking forward to her next one. I suspect you'll have a hard time resisting when the time comes. LOL

  3. Chickens are so funny. Mine love carrots (and the peels). Egg shells are a great source of calcium for them and do NOT encourage egg eating (per Lisa Steele), though they will eat any egg that is broken--which is one you don't want anyway. I let ours out most of the time and they get enough calcium by rummaging through our compost pile (finding egg shells there and stirring the pile for me!) so that I hardly ever have to give them oyster shells. Now feathers! That's a new one on me! Your key chains look great, as do all the quilts!