Very Large Quilts

How has it already been a week? I feel like I've been really busy but don't have much to show for it. It's a bit unsettling.

I have quilted four quilts. 

First is Charlene's, quilted with Hooked Up.

Next is one for Jess, quilted with Bora Bora. This is the first of the very large quilts.

Next is another of Jess's quilted with loopy meander. I have to laugh because when she dropped it off, she told me that she hopes it doesn't break my machine. She is an MSU alum and it was hard for her to make a U of M quilt. I just enjoy a bit of home down here, particularly hearing someone who sounds similar.

The third very large quilt is Sandy's, quilted with Crazy Daisy. This one took me two days, so you get two pictures. 

I still have to fully bind all three of the very large quilts.

Meanwhile, I've made a teensy tiny bit of progress on my own things. I have the October clue finished for the Melodic Mystery.

I have most of this month's OMG done. I just need to add top and bottom borders. Here is a sneak peek since I have no open space in the sewing room at the moment (see three very large quilts above 😉).

I finished cutting out a mini quilt. Actually I cut out two, because there was enough fabric in the kit to do two. This only got done because it was all over my cutting table and I needed to clear it off to make the bindings. I am having a sewing day with friends Saturday, so I may work on these then. Or I might just sit and vegetate. We'll see.

Speaking of veggies, I harvested all of the lettuce from Aerogarden one and we ate it for dinner Sunday. That took about three weeks from planting to first harvest. It's already filling back in. All the herbs in Aerogarden two have sprouted, but aren't big enough to remove the initial domes yet. I noticed the filter didn't seem to be running, so I fiddled with the cord and that seems to have gotten it going again.

I got outside too late last night to grab a picture of the chickens. They were already in the coop. They look pretty full grown to me, but they aren't particularly fluffy yet. I'm told they need to have another molt or possibly two still.

I'll leave you with this cool picture I took last night.

See you next week.

PS--just found out that we will be without power all day Friday. 😩

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  1. You are a quilting/binding machine!!! I like your mini pattern!!! Have a fun day with quilt friends!!!