December OMG

I've wrapped up all the pre-holiday quilts for others, so now it's my turn! 

I have so many goals for the month. It's probably unrealistic to expect to get them all done, but here's what I'm hoping to do.

    1. Quilt the #Trending quilt--I'm planning to do this today, but binding will have to wait.

    2. Custom quilt and bind the apple quilt (circa 1999!!).

    3. Quilt Chalk.

    4. Quilt SCQG BOM.

    5. Make some lumbar support pillows for our chairs.

    6. Make my daughter a shirt.

    7. Piece and completely finish test quilt. I have a week to do this! 😱 I thought I had longer. Time flies. 

    8. Fix drawstring in son's pj pants. This involves dismantling the entire waistband. 😒 I'm thinking I need to make sure they still fit him before diving in to this one.

    9. Make this month's units for the Melodic Mystery.

    10. Try again at piecing the Grassy Creek borders.

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My official goal is to get the Grassy Creek borders pieced. Hopefully I'll be more successful this month than I was last month.

Besides catching up on my personal sewing projects this month, I plan to deep-clean my house. Not so fun, but it really needs to be done. I haven't seen any spiders lately, but there are cobwebs everywhere. And dust. 

Meanwhile, we are in competition season for robotics. The team had their first scrimmage Friday night and took first place! It will be a practice frenzy between now and the first official competition next week to try to get the robot in full competition form. Plus we have driver's training going on and an upcoming wisdom tooth extraction. Busy, busy. I never run out of things to do. Is that a blessing or a curse?

Looking forward to 2023 (!), I have a general plan for which projects from my UFO list I plan to work on. I will be participating in the Board and Batten QAL hosted by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs next year too. It runs January 5 - March 2 if you'd like to join in. Here's my fabric selection to make a throw size quilt (pulled from my stash, bonus!).

I'll be quilting for others again after this month's hiatus. I'm blessed to already have a queue for January, though I am doing my best to ignore it while I take some time for me. 

Here are the last few quilts I did. If you are ever interested in seeing the whole quilt, please follow me on Instagram @just_anne_marie to see full photos, though with some delay so that the owners can see and/or gift them first.

Margaret's, which I custom quilted.

And Jan's, quilted with Exes.

If you're wondering about the chickens, Henry is still limping and mostly huddles under the heated water thing or in the corner of the coop. Still no obvious signs of injury or disease and he eats and drinks as normally as he can. Smoky, the other rooster, has been caught trying to mount Henry, but not the hens. A positive to this is that they are not loudly crowing in the mornings. Smoky crows in the coop, but his crow is really pathetic and faint. It's kinda funny because he will stand at the window and crow. And by window I mean a dome window we salvaged from a cardboard cat tower.

One last thing, it's been about six weeks since I injured my knee and I have been back on the treadmill at a good pace and was finally able to get in a resistance band workout last week, though I did have to ease up slightly. I've been under the weather this week, but it's good to know that once I'm feeling better I can resume my regular exercise.

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  1. Oh my goodness; I'm overwhelmed just reading through that list of goals! I love that Board and Batten quilt with the fabrics you've selected. At first glance I thought it was the Lo & Behold Stitchery pattern Church Windows, but B&B looks like it's a lot more straightforward to cut and piece with squares and triangles instead of huge angled chisel shapes with skinny diagonal sashing. Looking forward to seeing that one. Hope you're feeling better soon!