Best of 2022

First off, I failed my OMG once again. I know there are still a few days left of the month, but I don't see any possible way to get all those Grassy Creek string borders pieced in the few days remaining. I'll be working on the shirt my daughter needs for her trip next week and I will be back to quilting for others as well.

If you stopped by last week, you might remember the car drama. We were able to rent a car, albeit a much smaller one than we reserved, and made the trip to Michigan prior to the storm moving in. Here is the view on the way to my parents' house just as the storm started. 

And here is how it looked as we left. It doesn't look much different. I think they got about six inches of additional snow and it was significantly colder. 

Meanwhile, the car dealer was busy doing tons of diagnostic testing and replacing the spark plugs (which only had about 30,000 miles on them--we suspect we unwittingly bought fakes last time) on my vehicle for a total of $756. They didn't find anything else, so I guess it will be good for another 161k miles? Beats buying a new vehicle. We returned the rental and picked up my car yesterday. I'm very happy to have my own car back.

Our chickens survived the frigid, sub-zero temperatures while we were gone. Our young neighbor did a great job of caring for them. Here's a few pictures of them from a week ago, prior to the snow and cold. 

Smoky's head feathers are getting pretty funny looking. Henry, the white chicken, is still recuperating in the coop.
Okay, on to my best of 2022. Every year Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs hosts a link up for your best five posts. Here are the five I've selected.

1. The post with the most views. This post had around 14 times more views than the second most viewed post of the year. My Tall Tales quilt top and trip to Iowa and APQS were featured.

2. The first post that included the chickens. I also finished my SCQG BOM top.

3. The one where we got to see migrating birds. Endangered whooping cranes, pelicans, Ukraine, Macaron Mystery, and great client quilts.

5. The "censored" one. This makes me smile and think about my sweet friend Elle every time. This post also shows my art quilt (which I have yet to finish!).

Choosing my top five was a fun trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed it too. 

Linking with Meadow Mist Designs.


  1. I'm glad you made it to Michigan and back home safely. It was extremely cold out there! Happy stitching into 2023!

  2. Books, birds, blocks and bedding - sounds like a perfect Top 5 to me! Happy New Year and all the best for 2023!

  3. Great review of 2023! I enjoyed seeing the chickens and the quilts. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Love your quilts and chickens and bird photos

  5. Never start off with “failure!” Life is what happens while we’re making our fancy plans. If you had known in advance that you were about to get hit with snowstorms and car trouble, you would have scaled back your quilting goals and then knocked them out of the park. I’m glad your chickens survived the cold and that your family made it safely through the storm without it disrupting your holiday travel plans too much. Happy New Year!

  6. Getting off under $1,000 for car repairs sounds like a deal to me. Nice you were able to visit your parents, despite the car/weather drama. That is very nice. Your chickens are really looking dressed to the nines!!! I enjoyed a parade of your top quilts of 2022. You had a fabulous year of quilting quilts in 2022, Anne-Marie!