My Own Stuff, Mostly

I've been sort of busy, yet taking plenty of time to relax. It's quite nice. 

This is my to-do list from last week, along with some status updates.

1. Quilt the #Trending quilt ✅ 

    I quilted this with the Arches design. I'm pleased with the overall effect. I will probably bind this using the backing fabric (eventually).

2.  Custom quilt and bind the apple quilt (circa 1999!!)❌

3.  Quilt Chalk ✅ 
        I quilted this with the Propel design. I used 60 wt thread on the top and bottom because I wanted the quilting to be very faint on the blue. I really like how it came out. The texture is really good without the thread being overwhelming. I'll probably bind this with the blue fabric.

4.  Quilt SCQG BOM 
5.  Make some lumbar support pillows for our chairs
6.  Make my daughter a shirt

7.  Piece and completely finish test quilt
        I am pained to admit this, but I got the target completion date wrong on this one. 😳 The pattern released last Friday and while I did turn in my edits on time, I am still working on piecing it. It is called Christmas Morning and you can see it here. I'm still hoping to get it finished in the next week or so to avoid adding yet another UFO to my list. While the patten calls for a layer cake, I would suggest you use regular yardage instead so that you can get a better color effect. I am not really a fan of layer cakes or jelly rolls. Do you like precuts?

8.  Fix drawstring in son's pj pants ✅ 
        No picture on this one. The repair is not attractive, but the pants are wearable. I was just going to buy him a new pair, but they don't appear to be available anymore. There was a similar pair I found for $33. Nope. Ugly repair will do. In case you're wondering, they are NASA pants.

9.  Make this month's units for the Melodic Mystery ✅ 
        This one didn't quite go as planned. LOL. I went to post an Instagram story where I pointed out that I pieced two of the units incorrectly. Then I looked back at the pattern and realized that those two were the closest to correct. I had just about everything upside down. 

I forced my daughter to rip apart all my pieces and I started over. Here are the corrected blocks along with all the units we've made so far.

10.  Try again at piecing the Grassy Creek borders

I did a few things that weren't on my list this week too. I have this little guy ready to quilt and bind. It's made from the trimmings from the table runner I donated to the guild sale. Measurements are 14.5" wide and around 5" tall. It's so cute in person!

And I had a quilt come in from Sara that needed a quick turnaround. Quilted with Donut Connection.

Now I'm going back on my vacation for the rest of the year.

I'm pleased with my progress over the last week. I'm planning to quilt a few more things over the next week. The apple quilt has to be done soon--like I have a week to get it fully done and I am custom quilting it. On the plus side, I already know exactly what I'm quilting where and what colors I'm using. I'll probably try to get a pieced top on the Christmas quilt today and then move over to the apple quilt. The only other thing I truly need to get done in this calendar year is the shirt for my daughter. And the house cleaning. If I get to the rest, great, if not, oh well. Though I'd really love to be done with Grassy Creek!

Our rooster Henry still isn't walking. He has a really good appetite as long as the food and water are near him. He stays in the coop all the time now and still isn't crowing. Smoky, the other rooster, is crowing a lot now, but his crow is very weak and raspy, so it's not as obnoxious as Henry's. Anyway, we can't find any sores or anything on Henry's leg and foot, but we gave him an Epsom salt soak over the weekend. This chicken soaking device is ridiculous looking. 

He settled in there pretty nicely and made a mess with his food, as he always does. We're pretty sure he pooped at least once in the tub. After his soak was done, the kids used the blow dryer on him to get him as dry as possible. He pooped all over the towel he was sitting on for drying too. He didn't look too much cleaner after his bath than he did before, but he did bear weight on his leg briefly. 

I'll be back next week with some more progress, hopefully. Send healing thoughts to Henry.


  1. On precuts, I generally don't like them but they're great when I just happen to find the exact quilt for them. That's hard to do though. Roosters are so funny when they start crowing. Fresh Eggs Daily's Lisa always says to never put food/water in the coop to force them out...but I'm really behind here so I'm not sure what's been going on with Henry? I've always wondered how it would be possible to soak their feet. LOL

  2. That was quite a list for one week. I'm glad to you your son's pjs had priority! lol