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Hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving. We started the day with a skunk in the live trap. It had A LOT of white hair (fur? it really looked like long hair). We were trying to get a groundhog. Instead we've had two different opossums and the skunk. My husband relocated the skunk to a different part of the yard. He got a good video of it leaving the cage, but so far he hasn't been able to transfer the video from his phone. Thankfully there was no spraying involved. And I made the executive decision to remove the trap for a while since there's been no sign of the groundhog since we put the trap out. 

I spent a lot of Thanksgiving afternoon finishing up the Log Cabin Star blocks. I posted my blocks on Friday since they were my OMG for November. I did say that they were hard to photo since the design wall is behind the longarm. Here's what it looks like. My quilt has seven rows. You can see four and a little here.

While I was sewing, I put the jungle baby quilt on the longarm. I quilted it with the Jungle Party design and I used Key Lime green thread on the top. Since I don't have a hand sewing project going at the minute (well, except for a partially finished cross stitch), I decided to hand bind this one. The binding is on, but it is not tacked down.

My husband finally cut out the vinyl and applied it to a shirt for my daughter. She's been waiting a few months for it. 

Over the weekend we took pictures for our holiday card. This photo did not make the card, but I am quite proud of how the photo turned out. This is Smoky, one of our roosters.

And here are all five of them. Photo courtesy of my daughter. Henry the rooster in the back, then Smoky. The girls are Beaker, Peanut, and Agatha (L-R).

We bought a lot of stuff over the weekend. We did a bit of Christmas shopping. I bought things for my business and I bought myself some fabric, including this quilt kit. Who knows when I'll get to it, but I just love it. 

We also bought a 2008 Hyundai Accent for my son. It only has 37,000 miles on it! He can't drive yet, but we have the car. He was not impressed at first, but it's starting to grow on him.

The sleep shorts my son selected finally arrived. I thought it was a Prime item, but it wasn't, so it took a while to arrive from China. I laugh every time I see them. 

I finished attaching the binding on Pat's quilts that I shared last week. I also quilted a few more quilts. The first one belongs to Sara. She made this from her scraps. She's been on a roll with the scrap quilts lately! I need to be more like her and do something with my scraps. She picked the Fluffy Clouds quilting design. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but her backing fabric has clouds on it.

Next is one of Cindy's quilts, quilted with Starry. 

She used the same panel as Vicki did on the quilt I custom-quilted during the summer. I refer to this panel as the Nick Jonas polar bear panel--I think the one polar bear resembles the singer Nick Jonas. 😏 Screen shot borrowed from the internet.

I also quilted Cindy's t-shirt quilt with Diagonal Plaid. 

Meanwhile, I've been slowly assembling a test quilt. I can't show you yet, but here is some of the fabric I'm using.

It has generated a bunch of the triangle trimmings. I used these for leader/enders, but so far I've not done anything with most of the HST I create from the trimmings. It's amazing how much waste you generate if you don't reuse them.

Speaking of trimmings, I thought about quilting this little piece that I made from the trimmings from a project last year. I'm not sure how I want to quilt it yet.

I haven't managed to get any more of the outdoor garden clean up done that I had planned. It has been rainy and/or very cold. It may need to wait until spring. I did manage to plant some lettuce in one of my Aerogardens. I used a lettuce seed mix and some are growing fast and some slow. One had to be replanted because the seeds didn't sprout. I think I see a hint of a sprout in that pod now.

I'll be back Friday with the December OMG link up. Can you guess what my project for December will be?

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  1. Your son's shorts are very interesting! I hope you're getting close to finishing customer quilts so you can spend time with your family without that pressure.

  2. I can't imagine how your DH moved that skunk without any spray action! Smoky should've been on the family card--so cute and fluffy!!! Your son is one lucky young man to have such a low mileage car all lined up for him!!!!! Diagonal Plaid is a great choice for a t-shirt quilt!

  3. Oh gosh, you caught one too! (After hiring the guy to move ours and talking to him about how to do it, I think I'd be up to trying it myself if we ever catch another.). Lots of things going on around there. Do your roosters fight at all? I've never had more than one. Oh gosh I have so many HST trimmings! I just can't bring myself to waste them. I just saved a bunch today and was thinking that should be a major bucket list item for next year: "10 mins a day working on HST's" (I probably still wouldn't finish in a year!). That bear does kinda look like Nick Jonas--I should show that to my daughters! LOL

  4. Okay - you have so much goodness in this post - and so much to laugh at !! the jonas - oh so true!! and your sons sleep shorts.... love them. But now the shirt your husband made... he may have to offer to sell those!! too funny!!!