Malted Mystery Progress

I got a few sewing days in this week and it felt so good! 

The first thing I did is sew this month's Malted Mystery clues. Here are the pieces for this month.

These are all of my pieces so far. 

Saturday I attended the big guild's sew day and got six more Log Cabin Star blocks finished. I have started on the last six blocks. I got all the flying geese made, though I still need to trim them. Once I get the six stars made, adding the log cabin strips goes really fast. Stop back Friday, when the November OMG finish link up opens, and see if I managed to get them done. I'll probably be sewing on Thanksgiving to finish them up.

I got a few more quilts done for people too. I'm so close to being done for the year. I'm still debating whether it will have been worth it to push so hard to get done early. Anyway, the first one belongs to Shirley. She selected the Moon & Stars design.

Next are two similar patriotic quilts by Pat. I used Star Spangled on the bottom one and Star Spangled Banner on the top one.  

Pat always has me fully bind her quilts. I started to work on binding the first one yesterday and managed to screw up the topstitching twice before finally getting it done. On the first try I had the wrong bobbin thread. Luckily I hadn't gotten too far. The second time I got all the way around before I noticed something was wrong with the bobbin and had to remove all of the stitching. At least it went fast since the bobbin thread was in a straight line. Third time was the charm. Hopefully I'll have better luck on the second one.

The next quilt also belongs to Pat. I selected Crazy Daisy for it. Still need to bind this one too.

The last quilt I worked on belongs to Christi. She had seen the Bubble Glitter design online and asked if I could use it on her quilt. It stitches well, but know that there is quite a lot of backtracking.

We had the line installed for power to the barn. The guy from Snedegar (the company that bores in utility lines) came knocking at the door one morning shortly after eight. Thankfully I was already dressed! Anyway, it kind of looks like we had the most giant mole tunnel ever running through the spare lot. LOL. Duke Energy came and installed the power this week, so now I guess we get another monthly power bill even though the power won't be used for a while. 😐

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US who celebrate. Have a wonderful week.

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  1. Great panto choices, Anne-Marie! You have big moles in your area!?! Haha! Happy Thanksgiving!!!