May PHD Report

I made some good progress on my PHD this month. I completed two of my projects, which gives me six finishes so far this year.

I'll be linking with Ms. P for my PHD report.

You may have seen my first finish of the month, my custom dress form, in my last post. A humorous aside: I have my dress form parked near my closet doors and it keeps startling me because I think someone is standing there. 

Today I have a quilt finish to share: my Log Cabin Stars quilt. The pattern is by Emily Dennis of Quilty Love. I used stash for the entire front but I did have to buy backing fabric (bought from the sale section) since I'd exhausted most of my fabrics in the color ways used in the quilt and didn't have enough coordinating left to make the size.

I quilted it with the Perm design from Longarm League. I will freely admit that I saw Jess's Log Cabin Stars quilted with Perm and decided to copy. :) It's very densely quilted but still flexible. 

I took a break from quilting over the long weekend since I'd been going six to seven days a week for six or seven weeks and really needed a break. I do have just a few quilts to share.

Toni's that I started last Tuesday and finished Wednesday, quilted with In the Swirls.

Carol's Bedford Tiles quilt made with Halloween and Aboriginal fabrics, quilted with Malachite. Carol's in my small guild and we had a class on this quilt. A few people from the guild have finished theirs. Mine's still a work in progress.

Jeri's baby quilt, quilted with Outside In. I fully bound this one.

And finally, Jeri's Strip Tease quilt, quilted with Dragonfly Dance. I still need to bind this one and I have one more of her quilts to go in this batch. 

Out in the garden, the peas are still struggling. The lettuce is ready to harvest. It's a very tiny harvest this year. We're getting a handful of strawberries once or twice a week. I didn't plant zucchini because I thought I had all these volunteer plants. Well, it's time to face reality. They are not zucchini, but pumpkins. The leaves are HUGE. I haven't grown pumpkins since I was a kid. I'm sad about the zucchini and am planning to start some in some sort or bucket or container this week with the hopes that I can get a small harvest. My neighbors didn't plant a garden this year, so I won't be getting any extra peppers or zucchinis from them. (We traded crops last summer.)

I found a few interesting plants out in the jungle surrounding the spare garage. There are some wild dianthus in the middle of the ragweed forest. Ragweed is native in the US but invasive in Europe. Ragweed, though an allergen, is good for wildlife. 
I think the flower of the onion grass below (also known as wild garlic and wild onion) is really cool. I guess this plant is considered invasive along the east coast and into West Virginia and Tennessee. We have it here and there in our lawn, but I don't feel it's as invasive as some of the native plants the local plant people push. We just mow it with the rest of the grass. 
I'll be back Saturday with June's OMG link up. 


  1. the wild garlic is growing in one part of the garden and it never has before I have been pulling it out.

  2. Your website came up as a known security risk. I took the risk

    1. Sue, I'm not sure why that message would come up. I wish you had provided more information, such as what browser and/or anti-virus software you are using so that I can troubleshoot.

  3. Your log cabin stars are just gorgeous, oh course those are my favorite colors! You really have been whipping through the quilts this month, good job!

  4. One last blog to visit and then I must get out in the garden on this sunny morning.....Your Log Cabin Stars caught my eye. Great colorway and design!

  5. Your purple star quilt is lovely. I'm always fascinated by the variety of quilting designs available these days. That dragonfly dance is particularly fetching as an overall design.

    1. Thanks, Gwyned. I'm thankful so many artists are willing to make their designs available.

  6. Congratulations on your finish, it is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us at PHD in 2024.

    My tiny garden is performing with mixed results. The basil is ready to use, but I found a tomato worm had devoured most of the leaves from the tomato plants. I may need to begin again with tomatoes if I want any to harvest.

  7. Congrats on a lovely finish. You've done so well on your PHD so far this year. Good luck with all the customer quilts, you've definitely done some wonderful work on some cool quilts.

  8. Oh, wow! That log cabin star is so striking!
    If I had a dress form in my house, it would probably surprise me in the same way.
    You have been happily busy with machine quilting (4 showing on the frames) and a garden as well? Wow, you are a go getter! Keep stitchin'.