#tbmqs2 and #handmadebirthdaygirls2016 Swap Updates

I sent out my Thimbleblossoms mini quilt swap this week.  After a long struggle with what fabrics to use that would suit my partner's tastes, I ended up using some Cotton + Steel basics and a Jeni Baker stripe.  I loved how the quilt came out, but was a little worried still.  Luckily, the recipient commented that she liked the colors.  Whew!  Here's some photos of the quilt and extras I sent:

It's really hard to get a nice photo of this quilt for some reason; this one has
the truest color representation.

I also received my quilt for this swap.  I'm guessing my partner is very new to quilting. I love the needle minder she sent (it's the little aqua flower to the left below).  I'm planning to use it as a regular magnet.  I also like the little hexagon label on the back.

I sent out my next birthday club gift to Jennifer in Germany.  Here's loads of photos of what I sent.  I had a lot of fun putting this one together.
Here's everything--1/2 yard of moon phases fabric, a mini Olfa cutting mat, hexi sticky notes, 1/2" hexagon paper pieces, some post its and page flags for a planner, a tape measure, two cross stitches, a Baymax USB, two Tsum Tsum washi tapes, two Frixion pens, and a rainbow of cross stitch floss.
Luna Lovegood cross stitch.  I framed it myself!
Some Felix Felicis
Baymax in a hoop

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