Fig Tree Mystery BOM Month 7

There was a lot of cutting and a lot of piecing this month!  And there was my dreaded appliqué. But I got it all done before the next month ships!  

Here is all the piecing and cutting for the month seven blocks.  The two hourglass blocks were actually supposed to be four chunks, which I didn't discover until the final piecing. My appliqué skills are pretty bad.  Don't look closely!  Ha ha.
After making all the pieces and chunks and cuts and stuff, there were directions to put together the top left section.  A lot of hours for this month! 
In other news, I have a few crazy-looking blue jays hanging around.  One is almost totally white except for the dark chin strap.  This guy has no feathers on his head.  I call him Voldemort.
And we still have loads of toms wandering the neighborhood.  These guys were in my back yard last week.  There are turkey feathers all over the neighborhood as well.

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